Teresa Wright: A Wonderful Surprise

Teresa Wright

Today, I’m happy to write this text to celebrate my 9th favourite actress, the marvelous Teresa Wright. Even if I’ve seen only two of her movies, I simply think she’s incredible, especially in Hitchcock’s Shadow of A Doubt (1943). For what I’ve seen so far of this actress, acting looked so simple for her. She knew how to act like a fish knows how to swim. She was born to be an actress.

Teresa Wright had the honour to be part of three films directed by the great director William Wyler: The Little Foxes (her first movie, where she shared the screen with the famous Bette Davis), Mrs. Miniver and The Best Years of Our Lives. Teresa Wright is the only actress in cinema’s history who was nominated for an Oscar for her first three films: The Little Foxes, Mrs. Miniver and The Pride of the Yankees. The actress won the Best Supporting Oscar for Mrs. Miniver. Also, before Jennifer Lawrence, she was the youngest actress who was nominated for three of her first movies.

Teresa Wright

Shadow of a Doubt is really a movie who seduces me, especially because of Teresa Wright’s performance. I can’t imagine another actress playing this role. Here, she can play the happy girl very well, just like the sad girl and the angry girl. She had the capacity of changing her emotions with such a facility. What’s sad, is that she never was in another Hitchcock’s film after this one.

In The Best Years of Our Lives, Teresa Wright plays a sensible and a comprehensive woman, the type of character you can identify with. Her performance in this film was great and she knew perfectly how to share the screen with other big Hollywood stars like Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, Frederic Marsh and Virginia Mayo.

The beautiful and talented Teresa Wright left us in 2005, but cinema’s fans will always remember her because she was unforgettable. Happy birthday Teresa! 🙂

Teresa Wright


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