The Wonderful World of Cinema’s next marathon has started!


After this very nice Olivia de Havilland’s marathon, I have already started a new one: A William Holden’s films marathon. I introduced it with the I Love Lucy’s episode “Hollywood at last” where William Holden plays his own role. Also, the movies that I have already seen are: Golden Boy, Our Town, The Remarkable Andrew and Dear Ruth. The next ones I’ll watch for my marathon are:

– Apartment for Peggy

– Miss Grant Takes Richmond

– Father is a Bachelor

– Born Yesterday

– Sunset Boulevard

– Boots Malone

– The Turning Point

– Stalag 17

– The Proud and Profane

– The Lion

– Devils Brigade

– The Revengers

– Breezy

– Fedora

– The Earthling

– Texas

– The Bridges at Toko-Ri

– Arizona

This list depends of if I have already seen the films or not. Here, the only William Holden’s films I have already seen are The Bridges at Toko-Ri and Sunset Boulevard. I have also seen The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Country Girl, Paris When it Sizzles, Network and Sabrina

This list also depends of the access I have to the films. Unfortunately, that’s why Picnic and The Wild Bunch don’t make the list for the moment.

After having seen all these films, I will write a feedback of my marathon based on William Holden’s performances just like I did with the Olivia de Havilland’s film marathon.

So, I’ll see you soon with that!



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