One More Blogathon for August: The Anti-Damsel Blogathon


I’ll be very busy this August with all these blogathons coming! Of course, I couldn’t NOT participate in The Anti-Damsel Blogathon. It simply sounded like a very nice one! Hosted by Movies Silently and The Last Drive-In, this blogathon will be the occasion for us to write about the great women of movie history, real or fictional ones, heroines, women with courage, the braves ones, the intelligent ones, etc. This is a blogathon to defy the idea that women in films are only “damsels in distress”.

When I made a list of ideas for this blogathon, one of them was quite appealing to me and I said to myself: “That’s it, that’s my subject!”. So, I’ve decided to write about Lola Delaney (Shirley Booth) in Come Back Little Sheba. I think it will be a very interesting female character to talk about. Plus, it’s an excellent movie. Ok, I must admit I’ve only seen it once, but that will be the perfect occasion for me to watch it again!


If you wish to participate in this blogathon and have more information about it, I invite you to click on the following link:

The Anti-Damsel Blogathon

See you later, alligator! 😀

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