27 thoughts on ““Try it You’ll Like it” Blogathon: Modern Times

  1. thanks, Virginie. He was a genius. He could do it all as you say. I think it is a good starter for classic films as you mention. Informational as always!!

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  2. Great write up! 🙂

    I’ve only recently watched Chaplin for the first time myself, after years of avoiding him because what I had seen didn’t grab me in the same way that Keaton and Lloyd had. “Modern Times” was actually the second Chaplin film I saw and I have to admit that, like the other two, he was at his best when executing the more elaborate set pieces. The opening sequence with the conveyor belt is a sublime example of perfect timing as is the roller skating scene; even I was on edge when he kept skating perilously close to that precipice! 😮

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  3. Yes, that final shot of Chaplin and Goddard walking down the road is sweet and poignant. A wonderful way to end the movie…like you said, it’s one of the best.

    Thanks for this great review. You really showed us why the visual element is so important in film, and why Chaplin was rightly heralded as a genius.

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  4. Another great choice for the blogathon! Chaplin is one of those figures that’s so in-the-culture, and yet so few people have seen any of his films. A couple of years ago our local symphony played Chaplin’s score for The Gold Rush with the film running on a big screen behind them. Everyone was laughing hysterically – it was so wonderful to be with an auditorium filled with people absolutely loving a 90 year old film.

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  5. Modern Times is often shown in Junior School here in Brazil, when we are studying industrialization and consumism. It is usually welcomed with laughs by the children and pre-teens, but then they don’t go further to explore classic movies, which is a pity! I just love Paulette’s dress in the restaurant, when Chaplin is singing – she really shines there.
    As for the translator in my blog, it’s unfortunately the best I can offer for now. It’s hard to give content to both Brazilian and international readers, but so far I’ve succeeded, I guess.
    Thanks for the kind comment!

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  6. I watched this in a film class not too long ago and for the first 5 minutes I was worried to death that people wouldn’t like it. I love seeing movies on the big screen, but I often find myself constantly thinking “Please enjoy this! It’s really good and I don’t want you to hate the classics!” Anyway, this time I shouldn’t have worried. My jaded, bored classmates started cracking up the second Chaplin came on the screen and didn’t stop until the end. Just sublime. Great post!

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