Top of the World: My 101 Favourite Films

Robin from Pop Culture Reverie recently did this challenge and created a list of her 101 most favourite films on List Challenges. I decided to do the same and create my own list. It was not an easy thing to do as I had to left many films I love! I decided to generally go with films that I had seen at least twice (but there are some exceptions) and pick movies from every decades (although I haven’t any films from the 10s and before).

These are MY favourite films, so my own personal choice. If your favourite film is not on the list, don’t panic, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like it.

It’s not a “Best movie of all times” list either. These are pure subjective choices and yes, all movies in this list aren’t necessarily masterpiece. No Bergman or no Fellini here (sorry, or not).

So, take time now to discover how many films from my list you have seen! Click on the following link:

Virginie Pronovost’s 101 Favorite Movies List

Of course, I invite you to do the same. It would be fun!



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