The Marathon Stars Blogathon is here!


Me and Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood are happy to host The Marathon Stars Blogathon, starting today and finishing on Saturday. I’ll add the entries to the roster when you’ll publish them. Please submit your articles in the comments (here or at In the Good Old days of Classic Hollywood) or send it to me via twitter @Ginnie_SP or e-mail :

The lovely entries:

The Wonderful World of Cinema: Claire Trevor

A femisint in the soul, it’s with a great pleasure that I discovered the films of Claire Trevor, an highly underrated actress. I explain how she embodies the image of the strong woman in my Claire Trevor’s Films Marathon Feedback at The wonderful World of Cinema. 


Critica Retrô: Marion Davies

With her beautifully named article Beyond Rosebud Finding Marion Davies, Leticia at Critica Retrô first gives us more informations about Marion. She then explore Marion’s movie characters and performances in the films she chose to see for the blogathon. She sometimes add an highly appreciate touch of historical context. 


Wolffian Classics Movies Digest: Greta Garbo

Joseph from Wolffian Classics Movie Digest is one of the many who sees Greta Garbo as a mysterious lady. But through four films, he looks Beyond the Mysterious Lady to discover all the surprises she reserves to us. 


Old Hollywood Films: Mary Pickford

Amanda from Old Hollywood Films tells us more about The Films of Mary Pickford. What a Lovely actress she was! This internationally acclaimed star excelled at comedy, but she could play drama and knew how to be great. She even won an Oscar!


The Flapper Dame: Joel McCrea

When Katharine Hepburn says that an actor has talent, that should be true. Emily from The Flapper Dame supports this in her article Marathon Stars Blogathon-Joel McCrea 


Movie Classics: Hedy Lamarr 

When Judy from Movie Classics realized that she had just seen two Hedy Lamarr films, she knew who to write about for the blogathon. Through five films, she explores the work of this beautiful actress (and scientist), starting with the controversial Extase. Read her feedback of her Hedy Lamarr Film Marathon


Back to Golden Days: Ronald Reagan 

Forget Ronald Reagan and let’s be back to Ronald the actor. Catia from Back to Golden Days explains us how she became a fan of “Ronnie” by watching seven of her films for her Seven Days of Ronald Reagan. She gives us some interesting trivia about Reagan for each films. 


BNoirDetour: Linda Darnell

At BNoirDetour, we tells us more about Linda Darnell films before exploring the work of this truly beautiful actress through five films. She stars in Films Noir, so that certainly was the perfect choice for this blogger. I invite you to read the Linda Darnell: Marathon Stars Blogaton article.  


The Old Hollywood Garden: Sterling Hayden

As Carol tells us, Sterling Hayden is one of those underrated actors who don’t get enough attention. Our blogger from The Old Hollywood Garden chose to focus on his film Naked Alibi in her article Stars Blogathon-Sterling Hayden, a Noir also starring Gloria Grahame 


Cinema Crossroads: William Holden

Just like me, it’s with Sunset Boulevard that Julia from Cinema Crossroads started being curious about William Holden. From Born Yesterday to Network, she explains let us know about his performance in seven films and how he became a favourite of her. Read that in her William Holden-Marathon Stars Blogathon article. 


The Midnite Drive-In: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

In his article entitled “Love in Old Hollywood“, Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In celebrate one of the most well-known classic Hollywood couple: Bogie-Bacall. He gives us a brief, but effective review for each of the four films they made together. 


Dream Factory 17: Jessica Lange

According to Jessyca from Dream Factory 17, Jessica Lange is “one of the greatest of all times”. She shares with us her love for this actress by giving us her appreciation of 5 of her performances, including some of her best. Greatest of All Time: Jessica Lange is an magnificent tribute to the actress.


Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Vivien Leigh

With her Vivien Leigh Marathon, Phyllis from Phyllis Loves Classic Movies discovered more films starring the beautiful Vivien Leigh. The event was the occasion for her to finally see THE classic film everybody talks about (you know which one!). Read her thoughts on 3 films in her article Marathon Stars: Vivien Leigh


Century Film Project: Broncho Billy

Century Film Project chose a quite interesting actor for the blogathon: Gilbert M. Anderson, also known as “Broncho Billy” Anderson. We all know him from The Great Train Robbery, but our blogger makes us realize that there’re more than this. The Broncho Billy Marathon reveals us an actor who certainly deserves more recognition! 


Cinema Cities: Denzel Washington

Keisha at Cinema Cities has written a fascinating portrait of Denzel Washington’s films in her article Discovering Denzel Washington. This article makes us realize the actor’s big talent, his Oscar wins and nominations, making him a favourite of the Academy.


Defiant Success: Tyrone Power

Anna from Defiant Success chose to focus on the films of the elegant Tyrone Power for the blogathon. She wrote about his work in six films and certainly makes us curious to watch them. Read her article for The Marathon Stars Blogathon here


Classic Reel Girl: George Murphy

Bonnie, our Classic Reel Girl tells us more about the work of the underrated George Murphy. Discover what she has to say about this awesome actor and truly talented dancer born on a 4th of July in her article The Marathon Stars Blogathon: George Murphy 


More to come…

One more time, thanks to all of you for your participation and thanks to my friend Crystal who accepted to host this blogathon with me.

I hope you made some wonderful discoveries and that the star you chose became a favourite of yours!

See you in April for the Golden Boy Blogathon!


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