Winner of the 50’s Era (6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney)

elite eight results

After a month of competition, we finally have our winner for the 50’s era! I name the wonderful DORIS DAY!

Doris day winner

She defeated Deborah Kerr with 194 votes agains 63 for Deborah Kerr.

Of course this is not over! Doris will now represent the 50s era for the next matches including the winner of each era: Myrna Loy (30s), Greer Garson (40s), Doris Day (50s) and Julie Andrews (60s). These last matches will determine who will be the big winner of this year’s competition!

To see the full results click here:


Stay around,  we should post this soon!


One thought on “Winner of the 50’s Era (6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney)

  1. These polls fascinate me because they speak to trends and styles and expectations of both past and present. Doris Day is probably my least favorite actresses within an era of social upheaval (i.e. changing public roles for and perceptions of women and African Americans as well as the Cold War) that Hollywood addressed in genres like noir and SF and resisted in most romantic comedies and musicals. It’s why I’m drawn to the disruptive comedy of Judy Holliday, for example, and not to that of Doris Day. Anyhow, just some thoughts that come to me as I enjoy participating. 🙂


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