A 4th Liebster Award for The Wonderful World of Cinema!

Liebster award 2

I feel wonderfuly blessed as I’ve been honoured with a 4th Liebster Award by my friend Anna from Defiant Success!

So, of course I want to thank her for nominating me!

When you receive a Liebster Award, you have to answer the 11 questions asked by the blog who nominated you and then say 11 things about you, nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions, and so on.

So, here we go:

Anna’s 11 questions

1. Favourite movie decade?

The 50’s. It’s the decade from which I have seen the most films. What I like about this decade is the variety among movie genres. There are some excellent comedies, dramas, westerns, musicals, science-fiction films in the 50s. Not to mentioned that my favourite film was directed in the 50s: Some Like it Hot (1959), and that my two most favourite movie directors, Hitchcock and Billy Wilder made some of their best films during this decade.


2. Movie you always recommend to others?

Hum, there are a few. Across the Universe is one I often suggested. It’s such a brilliant musical!


3. Current Celebrity Crush

Lately I had a sort of obsession with Laurence Olivier’s handsomeness.


4. What’s that one movie that’s nearly perfect in your eyes?

Sunset Boulevard. Yes, a perfect film, and it’s not the first time I say it. Outstanding performances, beautiful cinematography, creative screenplay and impeccable direction.

gloria swanson & william holden 1950 - sunset boulevard

5. Do you read the book before seeing the adaptation?

Hum, it always depend on the book. I’ve read the Harry Potters before seeing the films (except for the first one, I think), same thing for Jane Eyre, Rebecca, L’écume des Jours, etc. Some films made me want to read the books, so I read them after. I can think of Gone with the Wind, Jamaica Inn, The Green Mile, The Shining, Strangers on a Train, etc.


6. Favourite movie from your birth year?

Hum, 1995 is not really my favourite movie year, but there are two movies that I really enjoyed: Toy Story and Se7en. When I first heard about this film I said to myself I would never watched it as I normally don’t like those types of films. But I had to watch it for a class (so, no much choice). And actually enjoyed it. Same thing with Silence of the Lambs. I had to mention both Toy Story and Se7en as they are two completely different films!

7. At the theatre, on TV or on DVD?

I mostly watch my films on DVD, but there’s nothing like seeing a classic on big screen!


8. What’s the most number of movies you’ve seen in a single day?

Hum, I remember last year I watched a lot of films. I’ll say maybe 3 or 4?

9. Last movie you saw?

To Catch a Thief with my friend Saturday. But the last film I watched for THE FIRST TIME was A Patch of Blue.

10. How many DVDs do you own?

Hum I have a total of 243 films plus the complete 2nd season of The Donna Reed Show and two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. However I have some DVDs that contain 2 films for example. So I have 245 films, but less DVDs. That thing you know:

11. You go back in time to have a little *ahem* “fun” with a celebrity of your choosing. Who is it? 

Hum, could I have a harem lol? I think I’ll go with the very sexy Gregory Peck. (but it’s honestly pretty hard to choose)!


11 things about me

I’ve already told you 33 things about me, so I have less inspiration. But we’ll give a try. 😉

  1. I read Photoplay magazines. I bought two on eBay. One from April 1956 and one from March 1952!

2. I don’t know why, but watching movies makes me hungry!

3. I’m mostly and evening/night girl. I hate getting up in the morning, but I love doing the party and going to bed very late (that’s probably why I hate getting up in the morning lol).

4. I love jewels. Real ones with real gold, real pearls.

5. I prefer wearing dresses and skirts instead of wearing pants (LAKC OF INSPIRATION)

6. My favourite top model is Lisa Fonssagrive.


7. My favourite painters are René Magritte and Fernand Léger.

8. If I’d play guitar, the first song I’ll learn would be Put the Blame on Mame.

9. I love singing

10. I hate when there’s food in the washbasin

11. Anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you (just in case you didn’t know!)

The 11 blogs I nominated.

I don’t have 11 blogs to nominated, so I’ll go with 7!

Movie Silently

Flickin’ Out

CineMaven’s Essay From the Couch 

Cinema Cities

Cinema Crossroads

Movie Classics

Classic Reel Girl

Congrats to all of you!!

Now here are my 11 questions to the nominated blogs:

1. Frank Sinatra or Bing  Crosby?

2. Your favourite classic TV show?

3. Back in the “studio system era” for which hollywood studio would you have preferred to work? Why?

4. Do you eat when you watch films? If yes, what do you usually eat?

5. Name a movie star that you love, but that not many people know. And that everybody should discover.

6. Is there a film you would have completely re-cast?

7. Your favourite movie quote?

8. What do you usually say to someone who tell you “I don’t like black and white movies”?

9. If you were an actor, in what kind of films would you preferred to star?

10. When did you started blogging? And what gave you the idea to do so?

11. The last few years, many great classic movie stars left us (Peter O’Toole, Lauren Bacall, Maureen O’Hara, Joan Fontaine, Patty Duke, etc.) Which one do you miss the most?

Remember, nominated blogs, you now have to answer those 11 questions on your own blog, say 11 things about you, nominated 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions.

Congrats and thanks again to Defiant Success for the nomination!

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