31 thoughts on “Oh! But You MUST See “Give Us the Moon”!

  1. Great review Virginie, keep up the good work. Just one ‘correction’ Arthur Askey was a very popular stand up comedian in Britain and had a very successful career in radio, on stage and later in TV. He appeared in the very early BBC TV broadcasts in the early 1930’s. He was in 13 movies where he was either the main player or a prominently featured player.

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  2. I’ve heard of this! I also like Margaret Lockwood a lot. I had no idea it was such a funny comedy, and seeing lil Jean Simmons is only a bonus. Thanks for the rec!

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  3. Great entry Ginnie! I’ve never heard of this film but I will add it to my never ending watch list! British and a crazy comedy that has you laughing- sign me up! It sounds like a wonderful film!!!

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  4. Wonderful article! You won me at the comparison with Bringing Up Baby. I love zany comedies and I have seen Margaret Lockwood in only one film, so I’ll surely give it a chance!
    Thanks for the kind comment!

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  5. Thanks for coming by Aperture Reviews to check out my piece on Laurel & Hardy’s Way Out West. Your piece had me at Margaret Lockwood, so I will definitely be on the lookout for this film…as long as you promise to check out Laurel & Hardy! Ha!

    As for the Russians speaking French, I don’t mean to sound didactic (or come across as mansplaining), but French was actually the preferred language of the Russian elite/nobility, so it makes sense that they would be doing that in the film. I know, I failed at not sounding like a jerk.

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  6. Wow! Thanks for this wonderful post on a film I’d never heard of before. I cannot wait to watch it for myself. I especially enjoyed the parts of the script you included and how the film included so many classic film references!

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  7. Your enthusiasm really sells this film for me (which I’ve never heard of before). I laughed when I read this: “Ferdinand is working on a thesis about jealousy. He makes love to married women to study the husbands’ reactions. However, he has never been caught, so his business is going quite slowly… ” Wow, just wow. That is one heck of a crazy project, and I love how understated your description of it is! Leah

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  8. Ok, you’ve convinced me 😉
    Proof, if it were needed that a film doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘masterpiece’ to be enjoyable. Often it’s the films that aren’t that are the most charming, simply because you expected nothing of them and they gave you so much more than you expected. Loved how your enthusiasm and passion for this film came through in your post!

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