Top of the World: 15 Madonna’s Clips

Madonna, the queen of pop, is certainly known for a bunch of awesome songs, for being very controversial, for her fashion style and some memorable video clips. For this top 15, I’ll present you what are my personal favourite Madonna’s video clips.

Of course, this is not directly related to this blog subject, but video clips are after all little movies!

Here we go:

15. America Pie (2000)

Directed by Philipp Stölzl

A cover of the Don McLean song, I like this clip as is shows diverse people from every class of the American society, which is very interesting.

14. Who’s that Girl (1987)

Directed by Peter Rosenthal

First, this is one of my very favourite Madonna’s songs (in my top 5). Her voice is so beautiful here! As for the clip, this one is just fun. And Madonna looks gorgeous.

13. American Life– the original version (2003)

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

This is the original version that was then censored and replaced by a very basic clip. Yes, it’s shocking, but released at the beginning of the war in Irak, it’s certainly full of meaning.

12. Frozen (1998)

Directed by Chris Cunningham

Probably one of the most visually beautiful video of her career. It fits perfectly the mood of the song and it’s a real treat for the eyes. The clip won an award for Best Visual effects at the 1998 MTV Awards.

11. Girl Gone Wild (2012)

Directed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot

Yes, this clip can shock, but I basically love it for it’s stunning black and white cinematography. The mix between fashion and sexuality is also very interesting.

10. Oh father (1989)

Directed by David Fincher

I didn’t know this clip was directed by David Fincher! How cool. Beautifully shot in a soft black and white, this video is one of the most personal of her career, recounting the death of her mother and the difficult relation with her father. I must admit I cried the first time I watched it!  (And we have to say, the little girl is so adorable).

9. Into the Groove (1985)

Theme song of Desperately Seeking Susan, I love it as it shows clips of the film (which is a very favourite of mine). The editing is nice too. An entertaining song and an entertaining clip.

8. Erotica (1992)

Directed by Fabien Baron

Another shocking video, probably the most shocking of her career, Erotica certainly doesn’t leave you indifferent. What I like about this video is the interesting way in which it is shot, making it probably the most “artistic” video of her career. The presence of Isabella Rossellini in the clip is of course a major bonus!

7. Holiday (1983)

All I have to say is: I love this dance, and I love this retro stuff!

Note: this version is not the original one, but it’s my favourite one!

6. True Blue (1986)

Directed by James Foley

Once again, I love this retro stuff. I can’t help thinking of teen movies of the fifties when I watch this fun clip. It’s all blue, it’s True Blue.

5. Material Girl (1985)

Directed by Mary Lambert

Tribute or parody of the Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Whatever, it’s always a fun thing to see for those who like the film. Madonna looks pretty in pink, and hasn’t she gorgeous eyes? I love the part where the guy gives her the little flowers. So cute.

4. Express Yourself (1989)

Directed by David Fincher

First, a stunning feminist song, and then one of the most complex video of her career. So much happens, you just can’t fall asleep. David Fincher for the win!

I love the dance at the top of the stairs. Madonna certainly has a lot of energy.

3. Deeper and Deeper (1992)

Directed by Bobby Woods

First, I love the German introduction by Udo Kier. This clip inspired by Andy Warhol movies is probably one of the most underrated of her career. It’s not often cited as a favourite. Too bad, because it’s a great one. The dynamic editing fits the music perfectly and we love the contrast between the weird black and white shots and the fun color shots. It’s a video that just makes you want to do the party. Note the presence of Sofia Coppola and Debi Mazar.

2. Bedtime Story (1995)

Directed by Mark Romanek

1995, the year I was born. Fantastic! This clip is just… wow! It’s weird, psychedelic, beautiful, hypnotic, original. “Leaving logic and reason to the arms of unconsciousness”; that’s exactly what this clip is about. The Bedtime Story clip is all about dreams.






















More suspense








  1. Vogue (1990)

Directed by David Fincher

This is probably not really a surprise, as I bet it’s a favourite for many people. But that’s understandable. I mean, this clip is just great! It’s so chic, we love the dances, the “vogueing”, the tribute to different movie stars and, of course, the wonderful costumes. Just like “Oh Father”, and “Express Yourself” this clip has the privilege of having been directed by David Fincher.

Well, that’s it. Of course, these are my personal choices. If you want to share yours with me, don’t hesitate.

See you!




5 thoughts on “Top of the World: 15 Madonna’s Clips

  1. YES!!! Vogue number 1! My favorite Madonna song and video!
    I bloody love this woman! Oh and thank you for including Deeper and Deeper, doesn’t get mentioned that often and I personally think it’s one of her best songs/videos.

    Liked by 1 person

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