My answers to The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon 2016 tag


To accompany her Alfred Hitchcock blogathon (which ended yesterday), Eva from Coffee, Classics and Craziness created this little questionnaire to know better our Hitchcockian tastes! Here are my answers to it.

It’s always fun to discuss anything about Hitchcock! I have to say that it’s 2:15 am now, but I can’t go to bed because Hitchcock keeps me awake (in the good way)! 😀

  • What was the first Hitchcock film you ever watched?

It was The Birds, and I can remember my first viewing like if it was yesterday. My father often talked to me about this film so, one day, I finally decided to watch it. And I LOVED it. It was like nothing I had seen before. In the final scene of the film, I understood for the first time the importance of a great editing. I liked it so much that I watched it twice in the same weekend. You can read my post about it here:

The Birds: Meeting Alfred Hitchcock 


  • What’s your favorite Hitchcock film?

The Man Who Knew Too Much (the 1956’s version). This film, I just love it! I know, it’s quite an unusual choice! I once wrote a review for it at ClassicFlix. It’s a movie that convinced many people I know to watch more Hitchcock’s films.

Teen Scene: The Man Who Knew Too Much


  • What’s your least favorite Hitchcock film?

Euhm, I saw many Hitchcock’s films and there aren’t many that I don’t like. Maybe Number 17? It wasn’t very good and, quite frankly, I don’t really remember what it was about (and the sound of my dvd had such a poor quality that I couldn’t understand half of it, which didn’t really help). However, I must admit, the train scene at the end was visually quite impressive.


  • What’s your favorite Hitchcock cameo?

It’s the one in Young and Innocent! Hitchcock is just so funny in it. I also believe it’s one of his longest cameos. He tries to speak, but nobody lets him. Poor Hitch!

Hitchcock-cameo- Young and Innocent-1937

  • Who’s your favorite Hitchcock villain?

That would be Uncle Charlie from Shadow of a Doubt! One of the most interesting and complex villains ever. Plus, I LOVE Joseph Cotten.


  • Hero?

Ah! Gilbert Redman (Michael Redgrave) in The Lady Vanishes. He makes me laugh so much!


  • Heroine?

D.r Constance Pertersen (Ingrid Bergman) in Spellbound. Because she is such a good person. I just love her.


Honorable mentions to Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) in The Lady Vanishes.


As a matter of fact, many many Hitchcock’s characters deserve an honourable mention (heroes and villains)

  • What’s your favorite Hitchcock quote?

I didn’t know about this one, but I just read it and find it pretty amusing : “[Walt Disney] has the best casting. If he doesn’t like an actor he just tears him up.”

As we would say in French, “sacré Hitchcock!”

And also this one:

” To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.”

I couldn’t agree more.

  • And, finally, how many Hitchcock films have you watched?

I saw 45 of them plus some Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes 🙂

Hitch is my idol you know!

Thanks again Eva for organizing this even! 🙂

You can read the other participant’s answers here:

The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon 2016 Tag

We haven’t finish discussing about Hitch at The Wonderful World of Cinema! 😉


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