The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Cast (and Crew) Photos Competition : Round 2

cast and crew round 2

We’re here for a second round of our exciting Cast Photos Competition! First, a big thanks to those who voted for round 1. If you wish to see the results, please click here.

Now, for the newcomers who might have missed the first round and wonder what this is all about:

The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Cast (and Crew) Photos Competition has for objective to determine which photos representing the casting of a film (and sometimes the crew) is our favourite. This cannot be a picture that comes from a scene of the film. In some cases, it’s a promotional picture for the film, or a picture that was taken on the set while the actors were shooting. It’s possible that you’ll fine in these pics actors that are actually never together in the film.

Of course, there are so many films, so I couldn’t take all the cast pictures that exist. I sticked to the 20th century and chose great cast pictures, most of them being from well-known classics. I started with 50 pictures for the first round, so, 25 matches of 2 pictures.

Now, I have 25 ones left for the second round and, because I’m a little stupid sometimes and because I was never very good in mathematics at school, well, I realized AFTER that we couldn’t divide 25 in two… So, I have no choice, but to do a trio match. The photo that has the most votes will go to the next round. Then we’ll have 12 pictures left and we’ll be back to normal.

Notice: All the matches have been picked up randomly, so everything is fair.


Before we start voting, here are some important rules:

1- You have three days to vote, this poll will close on March 21 at 11:59 pm

2- Vote for your favourite PHOTO, not for your favourite film. Meaning that you can vote for every match, even if you haven’t seen all the films. Even I, there are a few I still haven’t seen. Look at the pictures’ composition, how it is visually, etc. Think that the film might be one that you hate, but that the casting picture is great. Or the opposite.

3- Don’t pay too much attention to the quality of the photo. I’ve tried as much as possible to take pictures of good quality, but in some cases it was more difficult. As I’ve said, try to look at the composition as much as possible

4- The choices on the poll are presented as so: the top choice corresponds to the left picture and the bottom choice corresponds to the right picture. This is just a way for you to not get mixed up in case you haven’t seen the film and don’t know too much about its actors.

5- Share the poll with your friends! We want as many participants as possible!

Let’s vote!

1- High Society vs. Some Came Running


2-  The Big Country vs. Separate Tables


3-  Little Women vs. Bonnie & Clyde


4-  It’s a Wonderful Life vs. The Towering Inferno


5- Until they Sail vs. The Sound of Music 


6- 42nd Street vs. All About Eve


7- A Streetcar Named Desire vs. The Philadelphia Story


8-  Titanic vs. Ocean 11


9-  It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World! vs. The Misfits 


10-  The Women vs. The Wizard of Oz 


11-  A League of their Own vs. The Godfather 


12- Sabrina vs. On the Town vs. Airport  (make sure to vote for your very favourite one here!)


Thanks for voting!


Don’t forget, you have until March 21 at 11:59 pm to vote! And share with your friends! 🙂

See you for the 3rd round!


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