Lyndsy Spence’s New Book: These Great Ladies


Prolific author Lyndsy Spence has recently published her new book: These Great Ladies. This author, who’s fascinated with 20th century’s ladies, chose to present us a portrait of eight aristocratic women whose lives can certainly seduce our curiosity. Lyndsy Spence explores the lives of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, Mariga Guinness, Sylvia Ashley (who, interestingly for us, was married to Douglas Fairbanks and Clark Gable), Joan Wyndham, Enid Lindeman, Venetia Montagu, Irene Curzon and Jean Massereene.

Mrs. Spence always knows how to choose original and creative biography subjects. Through her books, she gives life to these personalities that might be a bit forgotten nowadays. We learn a lot from her material, and that is always a great pleasure.

These Great Ladies certainly is a book that sounds highly appealing. If like me, you are curious to read it, you can buy it on Amazon now.

Lyndsy Spence’s other books are The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life, Mrs. Guinness: The Rise and Fall of Diana Mitford, the Thirties Socialite, Margaret Lockwood: Queen of the Silver Screen, The Mistress of Mayfair: Men, Money and the Marriage of Doris Delevingne, and, of course her annual Mitford Society books that she writes in collaboration with several authors.


She also writes for BBC News Magazine, Social & Personal, Vintage Life, The Lady, and Daily Express.


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