50 Reasons to Love Ingrid Bergman

Three Enchanting Ladies


Yesterday, it was Ingrid’s 102nd birthday as well as her 35th death anniversary. I had a very busy day so didn’t had time to publish anything, but today I’m back with50 REASONS TO LOVE INGRID BERGMAN. I first wanted to do 102 reasons, but as much as I love her, it was a bit unrealistic! So I went with 50 instead. These are a variety of what I feel about her personnally, stuff I’ve read, movies I’ve seen etc. Even my mother participated to this list and she had great things to say about Ingrid! 🙂 Maybe some of these things will sound a bit repetitive, but I hope not too much! If there are some reasons you think should have been on this list, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section (sometimes there’s obvious stuff that I’m just not thinking about!).

  • She’s an incredibly…

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