Three Years Later… Three Guys Named Mike Is Still a Favourite


Why this title to my new article? Well, do you remember that almost, almost, three years ago, in 2014, I started this blog and that one of the first reviews I published was one of Charles Walters’s Three Guys Named MikeThree Guys Named Mike? Well, as this review was very short, I thought that Love Letters to Old Hollywoods Van Johnson Blogathon would be the perfect occasion to re-visit it in a more developed way. No, I haven’t found a hidden meaning to this film, but I did developed my blogger skills since October 21, 2014, so I doubt this will be repetitive. Plus, I really hadn’t many followers in 2014, so I doubt many of you have read the review anyway!

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Well, here we are, with Three Guys Named Mike, again. A film where you realize that, yes, Mike is a common name (especially if three characters have this name…), but that it can suit all kinds of people! A film made for me since one of his central themes is planes (I’ve always loved planes).

Three Guys Named Mike is a 1951’s comedy directed by Charles Walters (High SocietyPlease Don’t Eat the Daisies), the king of agreable movies.

The story is quite simple: Marcy Lewis (Jane Wyman) has always dreamed of becoming an airline stewardess. So, after “studying” the profession with a bunch of anxious and motivated young women like her, she becomes one for American Airlines. Now a new stewardess, Marcy will meet three guys named… Mike! : Mike Jamison (Howard Keel), a pilot for American Airlines; Mike Lawrence (Van Johnson), a graduate research student in science and Mike Tracy (Barry Sullivan), a publicist. I bet you won’t be surprised if I tell you that the three of them fall in love with Marcy. Well, we have a situation here!

Who will she choose? Because she must choose one of them or none of them… I’ll let you discover that by yourself if you haven’t seen the film yet.

When the film starts, the sympathetic music score by Bronisław Kaper that we can hear in the generic gives us the clue that we are in for something fun and that doesn’t require too much concentration. Three Guys Named Mike is the perfect Friday night movie.

The film introduces us to a Jane Wyman full of dynamism. On more than one occasion she’ll make us smile and laugh. The energy she gives to her character is also beautifully transmitted to us. We can’t help loving her. Plus, that stewardess uniform suits her so well! Originally, the film was written for June Alyson, but, as she was unavailable, the part was given to Jane Wyman. Luckily, because June’s voice kind of annoys me… (sorry!).


We’ve often seen Howard Keel in musicals such as Annie Get Your Gun, Calamity Jane or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Three Guys Named Mike isn’t one, but he is introduced to us with his beautiful deep singing voice while driving a car, en route to the airport. On his way, he picks Marcy, who thinks he’s just a chauffeur. What would be her surprise when she’ll realize he’s actually one of her future colleagues! If he is first arrogant with her, they’ll later develop a beautiful complicity. Personally, among the three Mikes, he is the one I would have chosen, because Howard Keel is so seducing in his pilot uniform! There’s a scene where we feel very sorry for him. He had bought flowers for Mercy, but, too late…the plane is already gone! Poor man…

Mike Lawrence, the scientist, is the second one Marcy meets. I must admit that Three Guys Named Mike is the only Van Jonhson’s film I saw so far… But, yes, it makes me want to see more of them (even if I saw this film for the first time around 3 years ago…) as he is charming, both as a scientist and a soda jerk (a student need to pay his tuition fees!). The introduction of his character is a rather amusing one. Being one of the passengers in one of Marcy’s flights, this one is very curious to discover more about him. However, when she tries to talk to him, she realizes he’s not really listening, especially when she tells him “This plane will be 48 hours late” and he answers by a simple “That’s nice…”. Later, they, however, make acquaintance and both us and Marcy realize that he is, in fact, a very nice person. It’s funny how Marcy always seems to bump into him, wherever she is (as if this would happen in real life…). Is it destiny? If Mike Jamison is the handsome Mike, I’ll say that Mike Lawrence is the cute and friendly one. It’s indeed very easy to be fond of Van Johnson in this film. The actor gives to his character a beautiful humility and his chemistry with Jane Wyman is at the top.

Finally, Mike Tracy (Barry Sullivan) is for me the less interesting Mike of the lot. He adds something interesting and necessary to the film, yes, but I find him a bit drab. However, he knows how to seduce, but it almost seems to be his only interest in life.


Three Guys Named Mike is a story full of amusing adventures. Being a stewardess seems exciting, but also a bit stressing. For example, during her first flight, Marcy forgets something very important: the lunches! Well, when I think that some flight companies nowadays don’t serve lunch anymore… The humour is mainly contained in her character and Jane Wyman manages to keep it alive beautifully. No stress when you watch this film. The only question you are anxious to know the answer is: Who will she choose?


I didn’t have time to write something very long as I’m also busy with my Ingrid Bergman Blogathon, but I hope this was enough to make you want to see the film if you haven’t yet!

A big thanks to my friend Michaela at Love Letters to Old Hollywood for hosting this blogathon in honour of Van Johnson!

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See you! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Three Years Later… Three Guys Named Mike Is Still a Favourite

  1. It’s an adorable movie. I remember thinking “Oh, poor Jane. Going to work every day with those three leading men. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it”.

    PS: I’ve done the same thing. Started my blog almost ten years ago, and found I have revisited a few topics because I felt I could address them better with the passage of time and the gaining of experience.

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  2. I’m so glad you chose to cover this movie! It’s really one of my favorites and I agree with everything you said. Thanks for joining my blogathon (I’m sure you’re quite busy with your own!), and I hope the other entries have given you ideas for what new Van films to look out for! 🙂

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  3. I love this film! I’d find it impossible to choose just one out of the three guys though, as they were all so fantastic, gorgeous and loveable.

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  4. Miss Dona Lee was one of 150 Airline Stewardesses who submitted Letters in a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Motion Picture Studio Contest in 1950, for the best account of her personal experiences on regular flights. Her winning Letter was used in connection with the film “Three Guys Named Mike” in which Jane Wyman portrays an American Airline Stewardess in the Movie. Pug Wells American Airline Stewardess was the technical advisor on the film.
    Dona Lee is now 96 years old and I am Scanning her MGM publicity Photos with her in her AA uniform with different actors (Cary Grant Etc.) and am creating a Web site for her. Dona Lee was in her 20s and I might say pretty enough to have played the part herself.

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