The 3rd Golden Boy Blogathon – Day 3


We have finally arrived at the 3rd and last day of the 3rd Golden Boy Blogathon: A William Holden Centenary Celebration that I’m hosting with the fantasti Emily from The Flapper Dame and the sensational Michaela from Love Letters to Old Hollywood! But most of all, it’s today that, 100 years ago, the Golden Boy was born!! I just went to university to submit my LAST bachelor degree’s essay and now the rest of my day is dedicated to Bill and the blogathon!!! I’m, of course, very impatient to read all the pieces and not only those submitted for day 3!!

Golden Boy banner_Country Girl

So let me first present you the lovely entries worthy of true Holdeners!!

Samantha over at Musings of a Classic Film Addict pays a brilliant tribute to the Golden Boy and tell us how she discovered him!


Dan from Krimson Kimono discusses the timeless classic The Bridge On the River Kwai and understands perfectly the quality William Holden brought to this film!


Realweedgiemidget Reviews wrote about a less discussed Bill Holden’s film: Damien – The Omen II. It might not be a masterpiece, but she makes it sound intriguing!


Letícia at Crítica Retrô tells us how to go on a picnic according to William Holden in this highly entertaining piece on… Picnic!


Thoughts All Sorts wrote an excellent piece on The Wild Bunch that gives us perfectly the essence of the film!


Keisha from the blog Cinema Cities presents us three performances for which the golden boy received Oscar recognition! An excellent article by a true Holdener!


J-Dub, blogger at Dubsism approaches Network very new and interesting way by discussing the hidden sport analogies in the film!


For my own contribution to the blogathon on The Wonderful World of Cinema, I explore the man Bill Holden was in a fun A to Z post!


One of my co-host, Michaela from Love Letters to Old Hollywood tells us all about the Holden-Holliday duo in Born Yesterday!


Alex at Anybody Got a Match? discusses one of Hollywood’s most notorious love affairs: the romance between Bill Holden and the iconic Audrey Hepburn.


Amanda over at Old Hollywood Films wrote about one of classic television’s most hilarious moment: When Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) met William Holden in a Hollywood’s restaurant!


Kayla from Whimsically Classic talks about another fun collaboration between Lucille Ball and William Holden, but this time, in Miss Grant Takes Richmond!


Come back regularly, because there’s more to come!


Don’t forget to visit Michaela’s and Emily’s blog to read the post published on day 1 and 2!

Day 1

Day 2

Of course, I have to wish a very happy heavenly centenary to our man of the moment, Golden Holden!!!


8 thoughts on “The 3rd Golden Boy Blogathon – Day 3

  1. Thanks for the comment you left on my page. I appreciate it! I was curious how an approach so different from what I’ve seen would be taken. If you find what I did for this blog-a-thon interesting, I mix the worlds of sports and movies all the time…just search my categories and tag cloud…not to mention the next blog-a-thon!

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  2. Reblogged this on Dubsism and commented:
    If you’re a classic movie fan, get some great reading celebrating the 100th anniversary of William Holden’s birth! Dubsism contributed two pieces to this blog-a-thon!


  3. My sincerest apologies for missing this! I was very excited to write for it but too many work commitments eat into one’s time. My review is half-written and I will work on it and have it ready for next year. The consolation is that I look forward to reading the other reviews included here. Best regards, Paul

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