Ingrid Bergman: Citizen of the World

I invite you to read my text on Ingrid Bergman as a transnational figure. 🙂

Three Enchanting Ladies


Hello dear readers! Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve published anything on this blog. Sorry!  Today, I’m back with something I hope you’ll find interesting. Last semester, at university, I had a course named Transnational Approaches to Cinema. We had to choose a “transnational” subject to work on and this was done in three steps during the duration of the course. We created maps representing the transnational aspects of the subject and these were accompanied by texts. So, the final result was a synthesis of a all that. I chose Ingrid Bergman as a subject and I couldn’t have thought of a more fascinating one. The following text won’t only help you understand Ingrid Bergman’s transnationalism, but also how she, somehow, became a “citizen of the world”.

Keep in mind that this is an academical text so the writing style differs from the one I normally use on my…

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