Many thanks to the participants of the Dolores Hart Blogathon!


I want to thank all those who submitted this great articles for the From the Stars to A Star: Celebrating Dolores Hart, the first blogathon honouring this former actress who is now known as Mother Dolores Hart.

A kind and respectful woman, I know she would have been enchanting to know about these celebrations. As a matter of fact, I sent her an email, but I’m still expecting an answer!


We were not a lot (which is another proof of Dolores Hart being very underrated) but there are still a few people who haven’t submitted their articles. So, if you enventually submit them, I’ll add them to this post!

Meanwhile, here are, once again, the participants and their entries. Don’t forget to read them!

The Stop ButtonLonelyhearts (1958, Vincent J. Donehue)

MovierobLisa (1962) aka The Inspector and Francis of Assisi (1961)

Caftan WomanThe Virginian, The Mountain of the Sun (1963)

The Wonderful World of Cinema80 Years of Dolores Hart!

Musings of A Classic Film AddictCome Fly With Me (1963)

Crítica RetrôKing Creole (1958): Musical Noir

Pop Culture ReverieWhere the Boys Are (1960)


Thank you all for your participation! Long live Dolores Hart!



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