HERE TODAY! 4th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon!

The 4th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon is finally here! Me and my co-host Emily from The Flapper Dame are very impatient to read your entries honoring the great lady. If you are posting on day 1 (November 11), make sure to submit your entry on Emily’s blog. I’ll be hosting Day 2 tomorrow!

The Flapper Dame

It’s here everyone! Today begins the 4th Wonderful Grace Kelly blogathon! and I can’t wait to read all of our wonderful reviews! Remember I’m doing today’s posts and Ginnie at The Wonderful World of Cinemais doing tomorrow’s posts (which is Grace’s 89th Brithday!) Let’s so some love to our favorite actress and Princess, Grace Kelly!!!

banner 3The Stop Button kicks off today with High Noon

Pale writer on Mogambo

Let’s all have a fun weekend with Grace Kelly by relaxing, watching some of her films, reading each others posts, and just gushing over how adorable she is!

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