Meet Grace Kelly’s Fandom!

Three Enchanting Ladies


Grace Kelly’s day has finally arrived, which means we’re ready to celebrate her here on the blogosphere! As you know, I’m hosting the 4th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon via my blog The Wonderful World of Cinema but, this year, I’m joined by a new co-host: Emily from The Flapper Dame!

This year I wanted to do something unusual for the blogathon. Something that would really entertain my readers. After reflection, I had the idea to create a sort of survey for Grace Kelly’s fans and publish each people’s answers on this blog! The various participants gave us personal and well-detailed answers that I had a lot of pleasure to read. I hope it would be the case for you as well!

What makes me particularly about this compilation is that we have participants from various backgrounds (age, place of living). So, it proves us the Grace Kelly does cross…

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