The Friendship of Jennifer Jones and Ingrid Bergman

Three Enchanting Ladies


Jennifer Jones is not the first name that automatically pop-ups to people’s head when thinking about classic Hollywood. A name like Ingrid Bergman has more chances to. It is intriguing, as Mrs. Jones had quite a prolific career in Hollywood. We remember her four pairings alongside Joseph Cotten, in Duel in the Sun, Love Letters, Portrait of Jennie, and Since You Went Away. The two had magical chemistry that electrified films. Ingrid Bergman also shared the screen with the underrated Jo Cotten in Gaslight and Under Capricorn. We suspect Enchanting Lady Grace Kelly might have had a soft spot for these two pictures as Cotten and Bergman were both her favourite classic actors when she was a young girl. But, to come back to Jennifer Jones, she also won an Oscar for The Song of Bernadette (and was nominated for three others). Overall, she played in…

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