Desert Island Discs: Grace Kelly, the Arts and Monaco

Three Enchanting Ladies


Today, the enchanting Grace Kelly would have been 90 years old. It always makes me sad to think that she could still be with us. This brings many questionings, such as what would be her approach to the world now, how she would have continued to make Monaco an attractive place, what would have been her relationship with her grandchildren, etc. Over the years, people have paid tributes to the beautiful lady, and she’s still part of cinephile’s collective memory. Grace Kelly was (and still is) an icon, someone who marked the world with her grace (!), sense of fashion, short but notorious acting career, and more. Like every year since 2015, I dedicate November 10-12 to my Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon that I’m hosting on my main blog, The Wonderful World of Cinema. This year’s edition is particularly special, not only because it marks what would have…

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7 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs: Grace Kelly, the Arts and Monaco

  1. Virginie, what a spectacular post!! I cannot wait to listen to these radio shows. I would love to hear Grace talking about her own life. It thrills me that this info is available. Thanks for all the digging you did for these awesome resources! (P.S. I’m watching Green Fire for the first time tonight in honor of Grace!)

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  2. Here we go – Green Fire. Beautiful score by Miklos Rozsa, impressive on location shooting, and great chemistry between Douglas and Granger. Grace was very good. I particularly liked when she told Granger what for and the ending. I think the film was lacking something, a spark to get it going. I’m glad I saw it, but I’m not in love with it.

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