The 5th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon: Day 3


We have now reached the 3rd day of The 5th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon that I’m hosting with Emily from The Flapper Dame and Samantha from Musings of a Classic Film Addict. It marks what would have been Grace’s 90th birthday. So far, I’ve read some marvellous entries written for day one, so I’m impatient to read the entries for day 2 and day 3! The lovely Grace Kelly left us way too soon in this tragic accident. However, people still remember her and celebrate her today, this blogathon being a good example. It has always been a delight for me to host this event during the years as the princess-actress is very dear to my heart and, as you know, my favourite actress along with Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman. And this year I have the chance to be joined by two wonderful co-hosts, huge fans of Grace as well!


Once your entry is ready, simply submit it here in the comment section. If you live in North America and submit it this evening, I might be asleep due to jet lag (I’m in Sweden), but don’t worry, I will read it and add it to the roster in the morning!

Ok, here we go!

As Tracy Lord would say, “keep your lovely seats” and enjoy the lovely entries!


For her fascinating contribution to the blogathon, Leticia from Crítica Retrô tells us more about the perspectives on Grace Kelly made by Brazilian magazine O Cruzeiroover the years.


On my 2nd blog, Three Enchanting Ladies, I discuss Grace’s guest appearance on the popular British radio show Desert Island Discs.

Grace Kelly

Erica at Poppity Talks Classic Film pays a beautiful tribute to Grace and talks about her connection with the French language.


Aisha from Screen Dreams wrote a brilliant piece on one of Grace’s most glamorous films: To Catch A Thief!

More to come!


Here you can check the entries for day 1 and day 2

Many thanks to all the participants and my co-hostesses! Without you, this event wouldn’t have been possible. Grace Kelly would have been pleased.

Happy heavenly birthday beautiful princess!


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