The 110 Years of Claire Trevor Blogathon is here!


I was super impatient to celebrate with you this golden, powerful, multi-talented actress that Claire Trevor was! When Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood approached me to co-host a blogathon in her honour, I didn’t hesitate a second as I knew she (Claire) deserved her own event. And me and Crystal being fans of her, I knew she would be in good hands!

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I’m thrilled with the enthusiasm people shared towards this blogathon, once again a proof that we are hosting it at the right time. Claire was a criminally underrated actress, so to have people helping us celebrate her memory on what would have been her 110th birthday means the world to me!


The blogathon starts today on me and Crystal’s blog and will take an end on March 10. Naturally, we will accept late entries as we understand people can have schedule conflicts. However, I must let you know that I’m leaving for Copenhagen on the 12, so I won’t have time to read and link your entries until I come back to Stockholm on the 16. That is if they are submitted more or less after March 10. I won’t forget you, but you are warned!

As soon as your article, you can submit it here in the comments section or on Crystal’s blog.


Without further ado, here are the lovely entries!


Janet over at Sister Celluloid discusses Claire Trevor and Fred MacMurray’s teamwork in Borderline, a “romance/screwball comedy/gangster flick/road movie, with a just dash of noir” as she puts it brilliantly!


For his first entry to our blogathon, Rob from MovieRob tells us more about one of her four pairings with John Wayne and maybe the lesser-known one: Allegheny Uprising.


I at The Wonderful World of Cinema tell you about my discovery of two excellent Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes starring Claire Trevor!


Andrew at The Stop Button shares his thoughts on William Wyler’s Dead End, a film featuring Claire Trevor in a single but noticeable scene!


On her blog Crítica Retrô, Letícia tells us the mother-daughter relationship in the world of sports in Ida Lupino’s Hard, Fast and Beautiful.


Bernado at The Movie Rat discusses one of Claire’s later films, Breaking Home Ties, which features her in a small but significant part.


Patricia the Caftan Woman makes us discover The Desperados, a Technicolor Western starring Claire as a “force of nature”, the type of role she could play so perfectly.


For his second contribution to the blogathon, Rob from MovieRob shares his thoughts on Jimmy and Sally, probably not Claire Trevor’s best-remembered film.


Dan from Krimson Kimono makes us discover what sounds like a fascinating film : Dante’s Inferno in which Claire’s co-star is the one and only Spencer Tracy!


Steve from Movie Movie Blog Blog discusses one of Claire Trevor’s essential films noir: Born to Kill!


Tynan from 4 Star Films dresses a fascinating portrait of Claire Trevor’s legacy and The Claire Trevor School of the Arts.


Quiggy at The Midnite Drive-In reviews The High and the Mighty, a disaster film in which Claire is the co-star of many other important cinematic figures!


For his final contribution to the blogathon, Rob from MovieRob tells us about the fun and dynamic How to Murder Your Wife, proof that Claire could play comedy!


Tiffany at Pure Entertainment Preservation Society continues her exploration of Claire Trevor filmography with an interesting analysis of Stagecoach, one of Claire’s essential films.


Emily, The Flapper Dame gives us her appreciation of Key Largo, not only the last Bogie-Bacall film but also the one for which Claire Trevor received her Oscar!

More to come!


Today, the Oscar-winner actress would have been 110 years old, and I want to thank all of those who volunteered to celebrate this unique event by participating in our blogathon!

Happy heavenly birthday, Claire!

To see the roster on Crystal’s blog, click here.

See you!


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