The 120 “Screwball” Years of Jean Arthur blogathon Is Here!

Are you ready to celebrate the 120th (heavenly) birthday of one of Hollywood’s best comedians and also one of the most impressively skilled and surprising actresses and human beings? I name the sparkling Jean Arthur! A woman secretive like an American Greta Garbo but who knew how to shine on the screen like no other and make us instantly forget that shyness of hers. Of course, October 17, the day she was born, is, overall, a perfect date for classic actors’ birthdays. Indeed, it also marks the births of Rita Hayworth and Montgomery Clift. However, those two already had their blogathons in the past, and Jean equally deserves the honours, especially 120 years after she entered this world, on October 17, 1900.

Jean was a unique person in many aspects, which I will actually discuss in another post (my contribution to the blogathon). Meanwhile, I invite you to read the marvellous entries gracefully written by some great bloggers!

PS: If you are a participant, you may submit your entry in this post’s comment section. Remember, the event starts today, October 15 and will end on Jean’s birthday: October 17, 2020. I will accept late entries. However, remember, once the blogathon is over, I might be busy with other things and possibly unable to link it and read it the instant you publish it.


Without further ado, here we go!

Kristen from KN Winiarski Writes kicks things off with a fun review of the little known but worth seeing Too Many Husbands, a story where Jean has to choose between Fred MacMurray and Melvyn Douglas!

Michaela of Love Letters to Old Hollywood indeed writes a love letter to the beautiful chemistry between Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur in The More the Merrier, a film that makes us laugh, dream and maybe shed a tear.

Rich from Wide Screen World discusses the unique pairing of screwball queen Jean Arthur and western kind John Wayne in the fairy-tale-like comedy A Lady Takes A Chance.

Erica from Poppity Talks Classic Films puts Jean’s comedies aside and make us discovered the lesser-known Public Hero #1. Jean also made a step in the world of early 30s crime films!

Paddy from Caftan Woman reviews the delightful If You Could Only Cook, a comedy where Jean Arthur and Herbert Marshall pretend to be a married couple to work for the rich Michael Rossini (Leo Carrillo). Laughs guaranteed!

Kevin from Top 10 Film Lists tells us about the time Jean shared the screen with the glamorous Marlene Dietrich in a Wilder comedy located in post-war Berlin: A Foreign Affair!

Rebecca from Taking Up Room discusses Jean’s breakthrough film: Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, an excellent Depression-Era comedy, in which Jean shares the screen with her favourite co-star: Gary Cooper!

Tynan from 4 Star Films reviews the 2nd of three pairings between Jean Arthur and James Stewart: You Can’t Take It With You, a delicious Frank Capra’s comedy where our two leading actors are accompanied by an impressive supporting cast.

Emily from The Flapper Dame pays a beautiful tribute to Jean by telling us what she loves about this talented actress.

Terence from A Shroud of Thoughts presents an informative review of one of Hollywood quintessential romantic comedies: The More, the Merrier, a film loved by many.

Debbie from Moon in Gemini gives her thoughts on Shane. This film is not only considered one of the best westerns ever made, but it also marked Jean’s last appearance on the big screen.

Letícia from Critíca Retrô introduces us to John Ford’s The Whole Town’s Talking, a screwball comedy-gangster film in which Jean shares the screen with Edward G. Robinson and… Edward G. Robinson!

Tiffany from Pure Entertainment Preservation Society discusses the delightful Sam Wood’s comedy The Devil and Miss Jones and presents many reasons to take a look at this lesser-known Jean’s film!

The second review for The Whole Town’s Talking was written by Amanda from Old Hollywood FilmsLike many of us, she admires Jean’s acting talent and rightfully labels her as a scene-stealer.

I, on The Wonderful World of Cinema, present my own tribute to the excellent comedian, actress and unique woman that Jean Arthur was. The reasons to admire her are numerous.

Jess from Box Office Poisons describes one of the craziest screwball comedies, Easy Living, where Jean shares the screen with a young and handsome Ray Milland!

The second review of A Lady Takes A Chance is presented by Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In, who gives well-balanced thought about this little known comedy!

Kayla from Whimsically Classic also wrote a review of the fun The Devil and Miss Jones, which I’m sure will convince you to see the film if you haven’t. One of Jean’s most adorable roles!

Samantha from Musings of A Classic Film Addict discusses one of Jean’s most beautiful and touching films: History Is Made at Night, in which she is romantically paired with Charles Boyer!


Many thanks to all the participants. This event wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions!

It’s hard to say if Jean would have been honoured to be celebrated that way. Deep inside me, without screaming about it all over the roofs, I think she would have been after all. She worked hard and rightly deserved the honours.

Happy heavenly birthday Jean!


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