Top of the World: My Ultimate Top 100 Favourite Actresses

Discover my 100 most favourite actresses!


Top of the World: A Tribute To David Bowie Through His Films

January 8th week belongs to David Bowie and his also known as Bowiemas among his fans. Indeed, David was born on January 8th, 1947 and left us two days after his 69th birthday on January 10, 2016, which left many of his admirers in a state of infinite sadness. As I haven’t written on my […]

Top of the World: 15 Burt Lancaster Films

Today marks the Burt Lancaster’s birthday! You may know it or not, but he has always been one of my very favourite actors since in discovered him in The Unforgiven (John Huston, 1960). The one we also call “Mr. Muscles & Teeth” or “Big Teeth” if you are my mother starred in some movies that […]