The Wonderful World of Cinema’s 5th Anniversary! +Q & A Launching!

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What does The Wonderful World of Cinema and My Fair Lady have in common? They both celebrate their anniversary on October 21st! Well, there’s a gap of 50 years between them. Indeed, while the lovely musical has been released 55 years ago today, my blog, on its side, has been created already 5 years ago! Oh, also. It’s elections in Canada today. So, a lot of big things are happening today!

The premiere of My Fair Lady!

Anyway, time surely flies, but, in a way, this seems very far in my memory. I was doing a screenwriting certificate at the University of Quebec in Montreal at the time (my only year of university in French. Not that it’s necessarily a good thing – just a fact). I remember writing my blog at the school library and choosing the design. I wanted something that looked lovely and fun. I guess that green colour you see on my blog was my definition of that. Oh, also, I chose the Kelly theme because it reminded me of Grace Kelly. Now you know lol.


But I certainly feel I have accomplished a lot in 5 years (some of my fellow bloggers celebrated their 10 or 15th anniversary recently. THAT is impressive). Apart from the blogging awards I’ve won over the years, the big change since the last anniversary is that I’m now and finally a member of The Classic Movie Blog Association! It was CMBA Awards season recently, and my Tribute to Jean Simmons was one of the 5 finalists in the Best Classic Film Article category! I didn’t win, but I’m still pretty proud to have been one of the finalists.


I’ve also recently created my first blogging series (as you probably know), the Carry On Blog Series. And, to go on with the good news, The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Facebook page is about to reach 10 000 likes! The blog itself is now followed by 360 people! I know these are “just numbers”, but I worked hard for these numbers, and I’m sure that you, fellow bloggers, can relate. 🙂

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And last but not least, I FINALLY went to the TCM Classic Film Festival!

Because 5 is such a special number, I’ve decided to launch a little Q & A for the occasion! So, you can ask me any questions about the blog or myself, and I will try to answer as many as possible in another blog post. Of course, I won’t be answering very personal questions, but that’s just common sense! Yes, that’s very cliché and not at all original, but I thought it would be fun to do! Please, use the comments section for your questions!


On each blogging anniversary, I like to share again an old post I wrote during my blogging beginnings. I think the occasion is good today to share again this article on Cecil Beaton’s Costume for My Fair Lady. I remember that was quite an interesting analysis to make!

Of course, I want to thanks all the bloggers who inspired me to create my own blog and the bloggers and non-bloggers we have followed my blog, read my articles, participate to in my blogathons, etc. over these five years! You have all been very encouraging!

Don’t forget the Q & A, and here’s to five more beautiful years!