Our winners for the 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney!

march madness winners

I bet you were wondering what was happening with this competition.

Well, let me first apologize for keeping the secret so long!

As we had several problems with the final poll on All Good Things, we finally decided that both Doris Day and Greer Garson would be the winner(s).

If you want more informations about these poll problems, click on this link:


Anyway, we can’t complain because both actresses are great, but also very different. So, in my opinion, they both deserved to win! Plus, both Greer’s fans and Doris’s fans will be satisfied!

Just like last year, it has been a pleasure to host this competition. I want to thanks all the voters for making this possible and, of course, Monty from All Good Things who organized all that and invited me to be a co-host again!

Congrats again Greer and Doris!

Note to myself : watch more Greer Garson’s films.. hum…


The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress: Elite Eight (50s)

elite eight

Doris Day and Deborah Kerr are two of the 8 actresses left in this competition. Congrats to them!

So, the final match for the 50s’ era is finally here! You have until Saturday April 9 at 1 pm to vote for your favourite actress. The finalist will then compete against the other era’s finalists to determine who will be THE big winner of the whole competition. Excited? Vote now!

Our actress who can sing vs our European Actress

Doris vs Deborah


I must say this is quite a hard choice because they are both marvellous.

To vote for the other eras, click on the following links:

30s Era

40s Era

60s Era

Don’t forget, you have until April 9 at 1pm to vote!

Results for the 4th Round of The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney (50’s Era)

So, here are the results for the 4th round of the tourney (round 4).

We only have 2 actresses left who will be competing one against each other from tomorrow until next Saturday. This will last round will reveals us who will be the big 50s era finalist!

Doris Day 52/ Thelma Ritter 37

Deborah Kerr 56/ Grace Kelly 36

So, congrats to Doris Day and Deborah Kerr who will be part of the “Elite Eight” matches, starting tomorrow!

To see the results for the other eras please click on the links:

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