Help me choose a new header photo for The Wonderful World of Cinema! Final Round

We have now reached the final round of my little photo competition, which shall determine which new photo I will use as a header for my blog and my Facebook page! Remember, I chose 12 photos from comedies and musicals made in the 60s. During the first round, you decided which six photos should move to the second round. And, during the second round, you chose which three photos should move to the final round. Consequently, this last round will consist of only one poll with three choices. I have a feeling the competition is going to be tight since these are three pretty good photos! Before continuing, I ought to thank those of you who have voted in the previous rounds! I, of course, invite you, once again, to cast your vote in this final round!

Before doing so, please read these important points:

  • You have until May 4, 2021, at 11:59 PM ET, to vote. (Audrey Hepburn’s birthday! Easy to remember!)
  • This is important: Please, vote for your favourite PHOTO, not for your favourite film. That means that even if you haven’t seen all the films, you can still cast a vote in all the matches. It also means that if there’s a film you have seen and one that you haven’t seen, but you prefer the photo from the film you haven’t seen, well, it’s that photo that should have your vote.

Happy voting!

How to Steal a Million (William Wyler, 1966) vs. West Side Story (Robert Wise, 1961) vS. Help! (Richard Lester, 1965)

That’s it! Don’t forget: you have until May 4, 2021, at 11:59 PM ET, to vote! Thanks in advance for doing so! Please, don’t hesitate to share this poll with your friends to increase the number of voters!

I can’t wait to see who’s gonna be the big winner! 🙂