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I invite you once again to share your personal tastes with me by voting for your favourite article on The Wonderful World of Cinema. Of course, you might have no read all the articles and that’s perfectly normal. You can read them all if you have time, but, otherwise, just vote for your favourite one among those you already read. I don’t include the announcements (for the blogathons and stuff like that) nor the polls, nor the top lists and nor the acceptances speeches for the Liebster Awards.

To refresh your memory, here are the articles in choronogical order, from the oldest to the newest

Madness of the Heart: A review

Three Guys Named Mike: Three Times Bravo!

Why do I love classic films?

A Message for Joan Fontaine

The Perfect Movie

Teresa Wright: A Wonderful Surprise

The Great Burt Lancaster

Mrs. Miniver: Live the War

Enchanting Grace Kelly

The Lady Vanishes: Review of a Fantastic Movie

Spellbound: Fascination 

Why do I love Hitchcock’s Films?

Olivia de Havilland’s Film Marathon

A Golden Film on Big Screen : The Gold Rush (Chaplin, 1925)

Donna Reed: What a Star!

The Dueling Divas Blogathon: Female Rivalry in Bonnie & Clyde

Jean Simmons: Angel of the Silver Screen

31 Days of Oscar Blogathon 2015: Helen Hayes as Ada Quonsett, Airport’s Best Performance

31 Days of Oscar Blogathon 2015: Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves an Oscar

Buster Keaton Blogathon: It’s Free and Easy to love Free & Easy!

William Holden Film Marathon: Review and Feedback

Some Like it Hot: Well, this film is perfect

31 Days of Oscar Blogathon 2015: My Fair Lady and the Outstanding Costumes of Cecil Beaton

31 Days of Oscar Blogathon 2015: William Wyler, Three Times Best Director Winner

Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon: The Caravan (The Donna Reed Show)

The Pre-Code Blogathon: Murder!

The Great Villain Blogathon 2015: The Truck and his Driver in Spielberg’s Duel

Dolores Hart’s Films Marathon : Review and Feedback

Shorts! A Tiny Blogathon: The High Sign

Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn!

Back to British Comedy: Please Turn Over

The Great Katharine Hepburn Blogathon: The Philadelphia Story

Nothing Sacred: When Carole Lombard Was Pretending that she Was Pretending

My Favourite Classic Movie Blogathon: Bringing Up Baby

James Stewart : A Golden Star

The Beach Party Blogathon: Stromboli

Billy Wilder Blogathon: Love in the Afternoon

The And… Scene! Blogathon: To Be or Not to Be Opening Scene

The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon: 1967 in Films

Long Life to the Lovely Livie!

The Birds: Meeting Alfred Hitchcock

The 2nd Annual British Invaders Blogathon: The Importance of Being Earnest

A Journey in the 80’s : Desperately Seeking Susan 

The Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon: Ever After

The Anti-Damsel Blogathon: Lola Delaney (Shirley Booth) in Come Back Little Sheba

The 2015 Summer Under the Stars Blogathon: Daddy Lee J. Cobb

Ingrid Bergman: A Fascinating Woman

Lauren Bacall Blogathon: Murder on the Orient Express

Hitchcock and the Music

Music in the High Society of The Philadelphia Story

Sara Montiel: Vera Cruz’s Spanish Beauty

Silent Cinema Blogathon: The Farmer’s Wife

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness: Joy, Sadness and Love

The Universal Pictures Blogathon: Harvey

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Blogathon: Spartacus

One of My All Time Favourite Cartoons Blogathon: The Aristocats (1970)

A Pair of Blue Eyes: Grace Kelly and William Holden

Criterion Blogathon : Three Wicked Melodramas

Try it You’ll Like it Blogathon: Modern Times

Sinatra Centennial: From Here to Eternity

A Vertigo Analysis 

A Vertigo Trip

The Great Beauty of La Grande Illusion

Lady Be Good, a Backstage Musical

The Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon: Red Salute

Joan and Fritz

Let’s Smile with Doris Day! Romance on the High Seas

Cinematic Experience : A Day in Glenn Ford’s Hometown

Anne Bancroft: Winner of the Miracle Worker

Something’s Wrong with Rebecca’s Wins

A Notorious Kiss

Highly Dangerous: The Good Frances Gray

Little Miss Sunshine: A Winning Script!

The Unnamed Lady: An Hitchcockian Story (I had completely forgot about this one!)

Claire Trevor’s Films Marathon: Feedback

Simon Templar’s Golden Journey

It’s All About Bette!

How William Holden Conquered Me

The Joy of Music in my Heart

Well, that’s about it! For the moment 😉

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elite eight

The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress: Elite Eight (50s)

elite eight

Doris Day and Deborah Kerr are two of the 8 actresses left in this competition. Congrats to them!

So, the final match for the 50s’ era is finally here! You have until Saturday April 9 at 1 pm to vote for your favourite actress. The finalist will then compete against the other era’s finalists to determine who will be THE big winner of the whole competition. Excited? Vote now!

Our actress who can sing vs our European Actress

Doris vs Deborah


I must say this is quite a hard choice because they are both marvellous.

To vote for the other eras, click on the following links:

30s Era

40s Era

60s Era

Don’t forget, you have until April 9 at 1pm to vote!

round 4

The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney (50’s): Sweet 16 (Round 4)

round 4

Only four actresses are now competing for each eras. So, that makes a total of 16 actresses. Congrats to them! We only need two more rounds to know which actresses will represent each era for the big final!

You have until April 2 at 1 pm to vote. Make the right choices!


Thelma vs Doris



Grace vs Deborah


What a coincidence, Thelma Ritter who still is in the competition starred in a film with Doris Day (Pillow Talk), one with Grace Kelly (Rear Window) and one with Deborah Kerr (The Proud and Profane)!

To vote for the other eras, click on the following links:




Don’t forget you have until April 2 at 1 pm to vote. Vote with your heart!


The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney: Round 3 (50s Era)


We’re already at the third round of the 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney! This round will let us know who will be the finalist for each categories! The four finalists will then move to the sweet sixteen round (round 4) that will determine the winner for each era before the big final!

As always, I’m hosting the 50s, Monty from All Good Thing and Screwball Cinema is hosting the 30s and the 60s and John from Mythical Monkey is hosting the 40s.

You have until Saturday March 26 at 1 pm to vote.


thelma vs Judy



Doris vs Debbie



Grace vs Janet



Deborah vs Sophia


Don’t forget, you have until March 26 at 1 pm to vote!

Thanks for your participation! May the best win!

Here are the links to vote for the other eras:


40’s Part 1

40’s Part 2


round 2 finalists

Results for Round 2 of The 6th Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tourney (50’s Era)

Here are your results for the second round (50s) of this marvellous tourney! All these actresses are wonderful, but, unfortunately, they can’t all win.


Thelma Ritter 87/ Shelley Winters 26

Judy Holliday 64/ Jean Hagen 47


Doris Day 79/ Marilyn Monroe 36

Debbie Reynolds 77/ Jane Russell 34


Grace Kelly 80/ Kim Novak 33

Jane Leigh 62/ Eva Marie Saint 44


Deborah Kerr 56/ Audrey Hepburn 49

Sophia Loren 61/ Donna Reed 52


Here are the results for the other eras




Of course, congrats to Thelma Ritter, Judy Holiday, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, Grace Kelly, Janet Leigh, Deborah Kerr and Sophia Loren who all move to round 3!

Thank you all for voting! We’re seeing you Sunday afternoon for the 3rd round! Be there!