4 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Cinema on Social Medias

  1. I just seen the response from You, In regards to Your posts and The Blogathon of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier last year or 2016. I do apologize for the mistake of Thanking Rebecca, Instead of You. The Entire article was Great and I must give credit to the Proper Person. I replied about my Favourite Actress, Especially when it comes to Gone With The Wind. Thank You again and I am So sorry for the mistake!

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  2. Hi Virginie,

    Just stumbled upon your very enjoyable blog – great to find a younger viewer who appreciates classic cinema. (As do my own children – we’ve been showing them old films ever since they were small.)

    With your interest in film history, you may be amused by the retro-style video trailer for our forthcoming audio serial set in 1940s England. It’s inspired by early Hitchcock, Orson Welles, film noir, etc:

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