3rd Golden Boy Blogathon- William Holden 100

I forgot to reblog this yesterday, but here are the entries for the second day of the 3rd Golden Boy Blogathon! Please check Emily’s blog who was hosting this day to discover our participants’ tributes to the man of the moment, William Holden!

The Flapper Dame

Well it’s here- and it’s still here! Love Letters to Old Hollywood had day 1 of the celebration and I’ve got Day 2! (The Wonderful World of Cinema has day 3 which is the actual Holden 100 day!)

golden-boy-banner_holden-in-black-and-whitePOST YOUR ENTRIES and I will list them here!

IHeart Bill Holden talks Breezy

Midnite Drive in on The Devil’s Brigade 

Taking up Room discusses why Bill adores Sabrina

Vinnieh has got The Key fact about why Bill is awesome!

The Story Enthusiast writes why Bill writes Dear Ruth

Classics, Coffeness and Craziness converses about The Horse Soldiers

LA Explorer reviews The Fleet’s In

AND MY Post!! On why Paris When it Sizzles–  Sizzles and Fizzles!

Happy 100 Bill! You may be turning a century- but you’re still as fabulous and as handsome as ever! ❤ You, Bill!

PS check out this cool tumblr blog devoted to Bill, where posts have…

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Day 1: The 3rd Golden Boy Blogathon: A William Holden Centenary Celebration is finally here!

Yes! We’re starting to celebrate the highly expected Centenary of the very appreciated Golden Boy, the one and only William Holden!

As you know, Michaela from Love Letters to Old Hollywood and Emily from The Flapper Dame are joining me to host this edition of the event that starts today and will take an end on Monday.


If you are submitting you post today, please make sure to submit it on Michaela’s blog who is hosting the first day:

Love Letters to Old Hollywood

I’m now busy with school essays, but I’m very impatient to read your entries! As always, I’m sure it will be a treat making William Holden proud of us!

A very happy Golden weekend-week to all! 🙂


William Holden as Erik Erichson in “The Counterfeit Traitor” (Guest Post by Juliet Campbell)

The following article on The Counterfeit Traitor was written by Juliet Campbell, a huge William Holden fan!

Erik Erichson was a reluctant spy…much like William Holden was a reluctant participant at first to take on the role. But the lure of visiting distant European countries was a magnet to him.

No disagreement then that Eric Erichson was at the beginning the reluctant spy executing a selfish act to save his business  and William Holden played the part perfectly from beginning to end.

From not a moral thought to what he was doing or how it affected those around him , to a realization about morality and the correct thing to do, his conscience eventually took over..

“It just takes one atrocity”….”suddenly he becomes your brother”

William Holden played his part to perfection….it was his gem in what was considered his “down period” after many successful roles.


He played so many emotions….resignation, pathos ,humour, terror, sensitivity….any emotions he had shown in any of his movies beforehand were rolled up and out in this one.

A man whose conscience becomes morally refined by circumstances around him.

To me this was one of William Holden’s finely etched portraits ….It didnt get the accolades it deserved, possibly because at the time he had decided to forgo living in the U.S.A and opted for living in Switzerland, a decision that caused a backlash with the public and the filming industry.

But once again he played the part as though it was made for him and once again I cried with him…