Many Thanks to the Participants of the 5th Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon!

I hadn’t hosted a blogathon since the 5th Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon back in November. And I have to say; it was a pleasure to be back hosting one, especially since I didn’t have the chance to host the Ingrid Bergman Blogathon last year. As you know, the event started on August 27 and ended on August 29, 2020, which marked what would have been Ingrid’s 105th birthday (and, sadly, her 38th death anniversary).

I loved reading everybody’s entries and having some newbies to the blogathon (people who were participating for the first time)! I, of course, want to thank everybody once again for having contributed to my event and, therefore, made it possible. Everybody showed a lot of passion for Ingrid, and it was wonderful to witness!

In case you have missed some of the entries, here they are once again. I know there are still a few people who haven’t submitted theirs (I have no idea if they will). In case you submit your entry late, don’t worry, I will still read it, link it and promote it. I know it’s a lot of work!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the lovely entries once again:

Real Weegie Midget Reviews – Film… The Hideways/From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler (1973)

Three Enchanting Ladies – Sweden Meets Britain: Ingrid Bergman On Stage with Kenneth Williams

Caftan Woman – Indiscreet, 1958

Here’s Booking At You, KidLove Is No More Than the Touching of Two Skins : Goodbye Again (1961)

The Stop Button Notorious (1946, Alfred Hitchcock)

KN Winiarski WritesGaslight

Diary of a Movie ManiacArch of Triumph (1948)

The Flapper DameIntermezzo (1939)

18 Cinema LaneTake 3: A Matter of Time Review (A Month Without the Code #4)

Wide Screen WorldEuropa ’51

Whimsically ClassicCactus Flower (1969)

DubsismSports Analogies Hidden in Classic Movies – Volume 90 : “A Woman Called Golda”

Poppity Talks Classic Film Ingrid Bergman makes her mark in A Woman’s Face/ En kvinnas ansikte (1938)

Crítica RetrôCactus Flower (1969)

Box Office PoisonsEnduring Ingrid : Ingrid Bergman and Casablanca

Taking Up RoomThis Train Is Bound for Murder

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society 100 New Code Films – #68. ‘Rage in Heaven’ from 1941; The Endangered Wife

Pale Writer The Last Romanov: Anastasia (1956)


If you haven’t checked those entries yet, please do so as they are the result of a lot of work and, overall, great and entertaining reads!

Long life to Ingrid’s memory!

See you!