And the Winner is… The Philadelphia Story!!

The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Cast (and Crew) Photos Competition is already over, and we have a winner!! Among 50 cast photos, you’ve elected this pic of The Philadelphia Story‘s casting as your favourite one!


I must say you have great tastes, because it is indeed a wonderful pic (and the movie is awesome as well)!!

I’ve told you that I might do something special with the winning pic. Well, I don’t think I will review the movie, because I’ve already done that twice, but I will start by using it as a new banner image! Modern Times has been there for quite some times now, so I think it’s definitely time for a change. And this pic will suit my blog perfectly!

Doing this type of photo contest was something I enjoyed very much ( I hope you did too!) and I’ll try to start another one soon!

Thanks again for voting and congratulation to The Philadelphia Story!