An Enchanting Garden

My latest Three Enchanting Ladies article: all about flowers named after Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn! Enjoy!

Three Enchanting Ladies


Have you ever wondered how a garden worthy of Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn and/or Grace Kelly’s would look like? Are you an avid botanist who likes to give thematic to your gardens or organise them in a very precise way?

All our three enchanted ladies had flowers named after them, mainly roses. Honestly, I love rose gardens. To me, beautiful rose gardens are the result of a careful care and thoroughness. Antoine de St-Exupéry wrote it in The Little Prince; roses are capricious, fragile, and need a lot of attention in order to survive.

I don’t know much about gardening so I won’t tell you how to build your three enchanting ladies garden and what type of fertilizer you should use for each plant, but I want to discuss these flowers and see how they beautifully represent the honored actresses. I never thought I’ll be writing a gardening article…

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My Life as a Fan of Grace Kelly

My random thoughts on how it is to live as a fan of Grace Kelly! 🙂
Written for the 3rd Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon

Three Enchanting Ladies


As many of you probably know it, Grace Kelly was one of the first classic movie stars I discovered. This weekend, I’m hosting the 3rd Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathonvia my other blog The Wonderful World of Cinema, but I’ve decided to write my own contribution on Three Enchanting Ladies as I thought it would be the most appropriate place to do so. I created this annual blogathon in honour to celebrate her birthday.


While I already wrote the reasons why she is my favourite actress (along with Bergman and A. Hepburn), I’ve never really shared with you the way Grace has always been part of my life since I “discovered” her. Which influences does it have in my life to admire this iconic woman? This is what I’m going to reveal to you in a series of random thoughts.

final-jack-kelley-grace-1937-001 One of my favourite photos of little Grace Kelly…

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