Video Tributes

Here you can find the video I created to honour an actor, an actress, a movie director or a movie genre.

William Holden Centenary 

A Tribute to Scorsese

Jean Simmons, Angel of the Silver Screen

A Video Tribute to the Great James Mason

Margaret Lockwood, the Star to Look At

The Wonderful Joseph Cotten

Ingrid Bergman: A Perfection

The Legendary Billy Wilder

William Wyler, One fo the Greatest

Western’s Movies Tribute

Hitchcock Timeline

 The Eternal Joan Fontaine

A Tribute to Peter O’Toole

A Tribute to Stanley Kubrick

Remember Cary Grant

A Tribute to Katharine Hepburn: The First Lady of Cinema

Gregory Peck: The Man With a Golden Smile 🙂

80 Years of Musicals

 Gary Cooper, the Real Gentleman

The Great Burt Lancaster

A Tribute to William Holden, the Magnificent

Marilyn Monroe: The Diamond of the Cinema

65 Years of Disney Classics

Marlon Brando, a Rebel Without a Cause

The Master of Suspense and the Master of Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock

Jimmy Stewart: A Big Star

 Grace Kelly: A Great Star

A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

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