Some Like it Hot: Well, This Film Is Perfect!

Some Like it Hot

I said to myself, the other day, that it would be intelligent to write a review of my favourite movie of all times. So, there it is, my Some Like it Hot‘s review, a movie that I can watch over and over always with a great pleasure. Before I saw this film, I had a feeling, just by seeing the trailer, that it will maybe become one of my very favourite movies. And it does as you can see! For a long time I hesitate between this one, Forrest Gump and Bringing Up Baby as my favourite movie, but now I’ve made my choice. ūüôā Some Like it Hot was directed by Billy Wilder in 1959

Where can I start? There’s so much to say about this film! Well, let’s start with a little summary, just to situate you a little. ¬†Chicago 1929, during prohibition. A hearse is rolling over the streets of Chicago, but soon, as the police cars are coming, we discover that this car is full of gangsters. The gunshots start and the coffin is perforated. This one is full of bottles of alcohol. The hears arrives at Mozzarella’s funeral parlour and the group of gangsters is welcomed by their chief Spats Columbo (George Raft). Later, the police raids in this place. Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) are two friends and two musicians in the “funeral” band. Joe plays the saxophone and Jerry plays the double bass. They succeed to escape from the police raid. Now, they have to find another job. Nellie (Joe’s girlfriend) decides to make a joke to them and tells them that a band is looking for a saxophone and a double base. The two fellows are very happy and relieved, but they discover that this is a band… for girls! Then, on Valentine’s Day, they are witnesses of¬†a killing between rival gangs of the Mafia. Joe and Jack have to run away, otherwise they’ll be killed by Spats Colombo (George Raft) and his gang. So, they decide to¬†apply¬†for the famous girls’¬†band. Of course, this is a band only for ladies, so they’ll have to dress up as girls: Josephine and Daphn√©. The group is going to Florida. On the train, Joe and Gerry meet Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) who becomes a¬†good friend. In Florida, Gerry meets¬†¬†Osgood Fielding III a rich millionaire who has a yatch and who is desperately looking for a new wife (again!). Joe, who has fallen in love with Sugar, start a little “mise-en-sc√®ne” to conquer her. Everything seems to go well for the two fellows, but Spats Colombo and his gang will eventually show up again…

Some Like it Hot

The screenplay of this film is so great. ¬†I mean, there is so much creative¬†and funny quotes that’ll make you laugh and laugh. The moments when you don’t laugh or simply smile while watching this film are rare! I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the films I can quote the best. In general, Billy Wilder’s films are always well written and this one doesn’t make exception. The story is also very good, well, settled and captivating The movie starts with action: a group of gangsters in a¬†hearse is¬†pursued. Then, we’ll discover that the coffin is full of alcohol (champagne I believe). This is Chicago during prohibition. We wonder what will happen next. The script was written by L.I.A Diamond and Billy Wilder. Some Like it Hot’s screenplay received an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was based on a story by Robert Thoeren and¬†Michael Logan. I would like now to share some of my favourite quotes from the film:

1- Junior:  I guess some like it hot. I personally prefer classical music.

2- Jerry: Have I got things to tell you!

Joe: What happened?

Jerry: I’m engaged.

Joe: Congratulations. Who’s the lucky girl?

Jerry: I am!

3- Osgood: I am Osgood Fielding the third.

Daphne: I’m Cinderella the second.

4- Osgood: Well, nobody’s perfect!

5- Sweet Sue:  Beinstock, I ought to fire you!

Beinstock: Me? I’m the manager of the band, not the night watchman.

6- Sugar: Shell Oil Junior. He’s got millions, he’s got glasses, he’s got a yacht!

Joe: You don’t say.

Jerry: He’s not only got a yacht, he’s got a bicycle!

7- Sugar : [admiring a large fish trophy] What is it?

Junior: It’s a member of the herring family.

Sugar: A herring? Isn’t it amazing how they get those big fish into those little glass jars?

Junior: They shrink when they’re marinated.

8- Spat’s Henchman: Excuse me, ain’t I had the pleasure of meetin’ you two broads before?

Jerry: Oh, no. You must be thinking of two other broads.

Ok I have to stop! But there’s too much great lines in this film!

Another thing I love about this film is the casting. Tony Curtis fits perfectly the role of Joe/Josephine/Junior. How amazing it is to play kind of three persons (well, one person who pretend to be two other persons). When he is Junior, he kind of imitates Cary Grant’s voice, but this one said about it: “I don’t speak like that!” Well, that remains funny. Marilyn Monroe also did a great job as Sugar. I have to say, this is my second favourite performance of this actress after The Misfits. She’s sweet, funny and so lovable and has a gorgeous smile. That’s hard and sad to believe that this was one of her last films. ūüė¶ We can also see and hear her sing some songs. Her voice is so enjoyable. Dave Barry who plays¬†¬†Beinstock, the band manager, is also very funny. He always seems a little lost after Joe steals his suitcase and his glasses. Well, how can you be not funny with a name like¬†¬†Beinstock… One of my favourite moments in the films is when Sweet Sue, the bandleader of “Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopators” shot at him: “BEEEEINNNSTOCK!!” when she is angry. Sweet Sue was played by Joan Shawlee. George Raft plays a delicious villain : “Spats” Colombo, a Chicago gangster obsessed by his shoes spats. In this film, you’ll also have the chance to see Edward G. Robinson Jr (yes, Edward G. Robinson’s son!) in a small role. The guy in the cake… But really, the actors who perfectly steals the show, my favourite ones in this film are certainly Jack Lemmon and Joe E. Brown! And they make such a funny team together. The movie ends with an unforgettable¬†dialogue between the two and think of this moment when they are dancing tango! This is really one of my favourite moments of the film. About Jack Lemmon, just when I see him in this film, even when he doesn’t¬†say anything, I laugh or smile. How adorable and cute he is with theses round and surprised eyes. He also had the voice of comedy. A voice you’ll always remember and who is always well chosen with the emotions he wants to share. The way he moves as a girl is also worth seeing. I love when he makes this little hand move after saying something. This is a real caricature, because girls don’t really do that! ūüėõ Well, I must also say that the funniest moments of the film are the ones with Jack Lemmon. Jack received an Oscar nomination for his performance in this film. About Joe E. Brown, how can you forget that big smile, that look when he sees the “girls” arriving at the hotel, ¬†this “Zowie!”. Really, he was one of the funniest character actors.

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis Some Like it HotJoe E. Brown and Tony Curtis Some Like it HotSome Like It Hot (1959)George Raft Some Like it Hot

What I also like about this film is the music. A lovely and very entertaining score, including some lovely tunes like “Running Wild” “I Want to Be Loved by You”, “By the Sea” and more. The music in this film is also one of the elements that takes you into the mood of the film. You know, I can’t skip the opening titles because of the music. So jazzy and so hot! ūüėČ One of my favourite “music moments” of the film is the tango between Jerry/Daphn√© and Osgood. I also love the moment when Sugar sings “Running Wild” and the way Jerry/Daphn√© plays his double bass¬†with too much enthusiasm! Anyway, let’s not forget that music is one of the most important themes of this film. What will Some Like it Hot be without this music?! Well, it just wouldn’t be the same movie.

I want to finish this review by talking to you about some of my favourite scenes and some of the funniest. First, I think of the party scene in the train compartment. ¬†Daphne (Jerry) is sleeping and Sugar comes visits him and thanks him for having told Sweet Sue that the bottle of alcohol belonged to him (it was Sugar bottle, but she would have been kicked off the train if they would have surprised her drinking again). In this scene, Daphne proposed to Sugar to take a drink. But they are making some noise so the other girls wake up. The result: a party with 12 girls… and a man (poor Jerry!) in a little train compartment. Another of my favourite scenes is the tango scene. What make this scene funny is just the face expression of Jack ¬†Lemmon and Joe E. Brown when they are dancing. I also love the fact that Jerry discover kind of a passion for tango after that. On the same hand, another of my favourite moments is when Jerry says to Joe that he is engaged to Osgood. The dialogues in this scene are so funny and also very zany. Another scene I love is the moment when Nellie (Joe’s girlfriend) says to Joe and Jerry that a music band is looking for saxophone and a double¬†bass player. Joe and Jerry are very happy, but they’ll discover that this is a band for girls! Jerry’s reaction here is the best. Of course, as many people I’m sure, I love the ending of this film, when Jerry decided to tell the truth to Osgood. And there is many, many scenes I love in this film, but I can’t name them all! In other words, I love all the film!

Some Like it Hot

Well, now you know some of the main reasons why Some Like it Hot is my favourite film. I could go on and on, but all good things have to end. If you haven’t seen this wonderful film yet, please take a moment to. Really, you won’t regret it. All the people I know who have seen this film have enjoyed it. If you’re sad and you’re in for a big laugh, this is the perfect movie. After all, Some Like it Hot was voted the best comedy of all times!

Some Like it hot


5 thoughts on “Some Like it Hot: Well, This Film Is Perfect!

  1. Liked your review but you left out one of the pivotal scenes and a very strong and memorable performance by Nehemiah Persoff ( as Little Caesar). Some might say a review of Some Like It Hot without mentioning this performance is unforgivable-but I say, ” forgive and forget”. Some say leaving out the chase scenes in Florida in such a review is sheer heresy-but I say, ” heresy, shmeresy! We can all forgive such thoughtlessness-once! “


    • It’s Little Bonaparte, not Little Caesar…
      We saw him like 2 minutes on screen, so personnaly it’s not the performance that amazed me the most. I concentrated on the principal characters. Also, as I said I couldn’t talk about ALL the scenes as there is too much scenes I love including this one. Looks like you say the entire movie is based on this scene, which is not the case.


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