The Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon Is Here!


It’s here, it’s finally here! From today to tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Grace Kelly’s 86th birthday with my second blogathon: The Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon.

I simply can’t wait to read your entries, I’m sure it’s all excellent!

Grace Kelly was a wonderful actress and one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. I hope you’ll honour her on her birthday, not only by participating to this blogathon, but by watching some of her films, dancing flamenco (Grace Kelly’s favourite dance style) and cooking her favourite meals (hamburger)! Anyway, let’s make this a Grace Kelly International Day! 😀

Well, here are the lovely entries:

Phyllis Love the Classic Movies – Grace Kelly and Edith Head: A Perfect Fashion Marriage 

Serendipitous Anachronism – Don Richardson: The Man Who Made Grace Kelly

The Old Hollywood Garden – Grace Kelly, Strike a Pose…

The Flapper Dame – Grace Kelly Blogathon: Mogambo

Wolffian Classics Movies Digest – High Society

Old Hollywood Films – The Swan

Four Star Films – 14 Hours and High Noon

The Wonderful World of Cinema – A Pair of Blue Eyes: Grace Kelly and William Holden

Movie Classics – The Bridges at Toko-Ri

Flickin’ Out – Amazing Grace: The Everlasting Elegance of Grace Kelly

LitLover12 – Learning to Love ‘The Swan’

Back to Golden Day – The Country Girl (1954)

Silver Scenes – Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief 

A Shroud of Thoughts – Grace Kelly in Rear Window (1954)

The Movie Rat – The Swan (1956)

Lauren Champkin – Grace Kelly: Princess of Monaco

Pop Culture Reverie – Dial M for Murder

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – The Early Years of Grace Kelly

Of course I want to thank all those blogs that had the kindness to participate to this event. I know there are a lot of Blogathon in November, but this one means so much to me, so thanks a lot for taking part of it! You can be sure that it will be back next year and, in 4 years, for her 90th anniversary, we’ll make something even bigger!

I’ll say one last thing before leaving you: Vive Grace Kelly!



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