Simon Templar’s Golden Journey


I’m happy to participate, for the second time since I create this blog, to the Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon hosted by my friend Terence from A Shroud of Thoughts. Last year, I wrote about The Donna Reed Show‘s episode The Caravan. This time, we’re back in the woods, but with an episode coming from another very favourite TV show of mine: The Saint. The episode I’ll explore today, The Golden Journey, is part of the first season.


In this episode, the notorious Simon Templar (Roger Moore) is in Spain with his best friend’s fiancee, Belinda (Erica Rogers), and her aunt (Stella Bonheur). He doesn’t like her very much, because she is lazy and always complains. As he says, she acts like a “spoiled brat”. Her aunt agrees with Simon Templar, and the two decide to give a lesson to the lady. When she is sleeping, Simon goes in Belinda’s room and steals her money, her passport and her jewels. She then has nothing to live in a foreign country and she’s pretty desperate. After trying to steal an automobile, she’s put in jail, but Simon pays the caution so she can be freed. Simon is going on a hiking trip and proposes her to come with him. She doesn’t like the idea of walking during a hundred miles, but she doesn’t have much choice as she has no money and no place to go. During the expedition she’s constantly complaining (as always), but Simon knows this will be a good way to “tame” her and make her be more responsible, less lazy and appreciate life as it is.


This episode of The Saint is very different from the other ones as it doesn’t involve a murder or any criminal case, like it normally is the case. As always, Simon Templar is ready to help the others, but, this time, he’ll help a girl being a better person instead of helping an innocent victim. The Simon Templar from The Golden Journey doesn’t play the detective, but a simple backpacker. However, he remains Simon Templar: the handsome man who is ready to do everything to reach his goal, even steal. The mocker Simon Templar, the seductive Simon Templar and, of course, the Simon Templar who always wins.


I think that’s one of the major facts why this is one of my favourite episodes from The Saint: it’s a plot that doesn’t involve a crime, so it’s very surprising. It’s different and makes us realize that, whatever the subject, this tv show remains great. But don’t get me wrong, I love the episodes involving a crime or a conspiracy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be one of my very favourite TV shows! That goes without saying. 😉

Of course, the characters make this episode very lively. The contrast between Simon Templar and the annoying Belinda makes it very entertaining. We often wonder how he manages to tolerate her. But, of course, Roger Moore always has to perfect timing as Simon Templar. He is credible, and how can we resist to this low and smooth voice? While being a gentleman (or not so!) he also knew how to play comedy in a very refined way. I can definitely say Simon Templar is my favourite television male character. He’s just sooo cool! Has for Erica Rogers who plays Belinda, well, I must admit I’m not very familiar with her, having only seen her in The Saint. But I must say she does an incredible job as for the evolution of her character. As much as we are annoyed by her at the beginning, we learn to appreciate her, as she becomes, slowly but certainly, a better person.


I must admit that there’s a thing that always make me laugh in this episode: Belinda starts doing the expedition wearing high heels… but when those [obviously] break, Simon Templar gives her another pair of shoes. These are not high-heels, but cute fancy sandals. Anyway, not the type of shoes to wear for hiking! What was going on in their mind?

But this episode also makes me nostalgic, because of the scene when Simon shows to Belinda how to wash dishes with cold water and dirt. He said he learned that in his summer camp. Well, I did that too in my summer camp, when we were going on an expedition. When you are in the woods, you have to be resourceful!

The Saint’s Golden Journey allows us to see some beautiful Spanish landscapes. However, I don’t know if it was really shot in Spain. Some natural landscapes really made me think of those here in North America. But, anyway, Simon Templar certainly knows how to find the great camping spots. The one next to the beach is just a real dream! Imagine being there, alone with Simon Templar (or Roger Moore). Ouuuuu! 😉 Hard to resist.


If you want to see something different among The Saint‘s episodes, I think The Golden Journey would be a great example as I just explained why in this post.

If you haven’t seen this episode and wish to watch it (which I highly recommend), here is a link to do so:


Before leaving you, I’d like you to know how I discovered this TV show. Because people often wonder how a 20 (almost 21) year old girl get to watch old television shows. I must agree, this might be more surprising than watching old movies. Well, a few years ago, my parents gave me a dvd box set with movie star documentaries. Of course, one of them was about Roger Moore. In the documentary, they were talking about The Saint and showing an excerpt alone with the opening credits (which are, by the way, so cool). So, that made me want to see it, and I discovered it was available on a website where I watch tv shows. I was immediately captivated with the first episode and charmed with Simon Templar. As a matter of fact, I often say that this is my favourite TV show. One day, I was watching it and my father saw and said “Hey, you’re watching The Saint!” Believe it or not, he was watching it too when he was young. So that’s a TV show that can interest many generations!

What I like the most about every “Saint” episodes is when Simon Templar is introduced at the beginning and then this little aureole appears above his head and then the opening credits start. It’s simply awesome.

p3 the saint


I ought to thanks Terence again for hosting such a nice blogathon! Of course, make sure to read the other entries, here:

The Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon.

See you soon!


11 thoughts on “Simon Templar’s Golden Journey

  1. I never saw The Saint before. I will try to watch the link you gave, but i expect I may have trouble separating the Saint from my image of Roger as James Bond. Moore, after all, is my favorite Bond. Good review.

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  2. My mom had her picture taken with Roger Moore at a film event back in the 60s and her impression of him was that he was totally charming. I haven’t seen “The Saint” in a long time, but I know I’m going to have that cool theme song in my head the rest of the night. It was fun to read about this episode.

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  3. The Saint has always been one of my favourite TV shows. In fact I’ve see the entire run. To this day I tend to think of Sir Roger Moore more as Simon Templar than James Bond! Anyhow, this was a fun episode, particularly because it was so different. As you say, most episodes involve some sort of crime, while this one didn’t. I liked the interactions between Templar and Belinda. And it’s nice seeing Templar out in the wilderness instead of the usual hotels and casinos in which he might be found! Great post! Thanks for participating in the blogathon.

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  4. Your parents really did you a favor with that DVD series. Talk about the gift that keeps giving. I have never seen this show but I love Roger Moore, he’s my favorite James Bond, so I will look for this show. So I guess I should thank your parents too! Thanks for the great recommendation.

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  5. Thanks Viginie.. I saw a few episode when I was growing up. I think it was on saturday nights in the U.S. Not sure if I saw this episode but got me nostalgic for it.

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  6. I have been trying to research the film locations of The Golden Journey. It looks like most of the outdoor locations are in the Welsh county of Ceredigion, there are old lead mine workings in the Elan valley region which look very familiar to the scenes where Simon and Belinda are walking along a single track road and Belinda tries to thumb a lift with a passing VW camper van. I have been through the area many years back several times when I used to have a Triumph Daytona 500 motorcycle, which was ideal for touring the area.
    I know definately that the part where Simon crosses a stream and falls in and the poor Belinda also falls in but in a much deeper part of the stream and gets totally soaked, poor girl, but just before the crossing they are walking downhill next to a shallow waterfall well they are the famouse Swallow Falls part way between Capel Curig and Bets-y-Coed.
    The Welsh name for the falls are Rhaeadr Ewyannol on the Afon Curig. Afon is the Welsh celtic name for a river.

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