Top of the World: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and Spencer Tracy in Tops Five


April 5 is an important date on our calendar as three major movie stars were born on this day: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and Spencer Tracy (and also Melvyn Douglas, Frank Gorshin and Walter Huston). To pay a tribute to them, I’ve decided to present you 3 little top 5 of 1- my favourite Bette Davis’ films, 2- my favourite Gregory Peck’s films and 3- my favourite Spencer Tracy’s films. These actors are all personal favourites and it’s been a long time since I haven’t post a traditional top list on this blog!

Remember that these are my personal choices, so thanks in advance for respecting them!

Bette Davis Top 5 Favourite Films

5- Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte (Robert Aldrich, 1964)


4- The Letter (William Wyler, 1940)


3- Now, Voyager (Irving Rapper, 1942)


2- All About Eve (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950)


1- Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Robert Aldrich, 1962)



Gregory Peck Top 5 Favourite Films

5- The Big Country (William Wyler, 1958)


4- Cape Fear (Martin Scorsese, 1991) – Yes, I do prefer the remake, even if Peck doesn’t have the leading role.


3- To Kill a Mockingbird (Robert Mulligan, 1962)


2- Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock, 1945)


1- Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953)


Spencer Tracy Top 5 Films

5- Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Stanley Kramer, 1967)


4- Father of the Bride (Vincente Minnelli, 1950)


3- Woman of the Year (George Steven, 1942)


2- Libeled Lady (Jack Conway)


1- It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Stanley Kramer, 1963)



Well, that’s that! Don’t hesitate to share your favourites!

A happy heavenly birthday to all these marvellous stars!


6 thoughts on “Top of the World: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and Spencer Tracy in Tops Five

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Gregory Peck is one of my favourite actors…try watch “Yellow Sky”. It is such a lovely western also starring Anne Baxter. He is the best bad boy in Duel in the Sun (it is one of those horrible but kind of good movies).

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  2. great pics Virginie!! How could they not be with these great actors. For Spencer Tracy may favorite performance was ‘Inherit the wind”, also one of my top 10 films. I agree with ” Guess who’s coming to dinner?”. His last speech is a classic!!

    Liked by 1 person

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