Results for Round 2 of The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Cast (and Crew) Photos Competition

Another round of our cast photos competition is already over! A big thanks to those who voted!

Here are the results (there are some interesting surprises!)

  • Match 1: High Society defeats Some Came Running 15/8
  • Match 2: The Big Country defeats Separate Tables 13/9
  • Match 3: Little Women defeats Bonnie & Clyde 18/4
  • Match 4: It’s a Wonderful Life defeats The Towering Inferno 12/9
  • Match 5: The Sound of Music defeats Until They Sail 11/10
  • Match 6: 42nd Street defeats All About Eve 11/10
  • Match 7: The Philadelphia Story defeats A Streetcar Named Desire 17/5
  • Match 8: Ocean 11 defeats Titanic 14/8
  • Match 9: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World! defeats The Misfits 14/8
  • Match 10: The Wizard of Oz defeats The Women 11/10
  • Match 11: A League of their Own defeats The Godfather 14/7
  • Match 12: On the Town defeats Sabrina and Airport 14/4/3

Matches for the 3rd round should be published later today! 🙂


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