Ingrid Bergman: Courage and Feminism

Three Enchanting Ladies


It’s that day of the year again: August 29 or Ingrid Bergman’s birthday (and unfortunately, also her 36th death anniversary). For the occasion, I’m, once again, hosting my Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon via my main blog The Wonderful World Of Cinema. But I decided to write my entry on Three Enchanting Ladies because all the occasions to publish on this blog are good and it needs more traffic.


Before continuing, I have to tell you something weird. My plan for the blogathon was to write about Ingrid Bergman as a feminist icon. And it’s still what I intend to do.  But here’s the story. When I added myself to the roster I was 100% sure I wrote the name of the subject like that: “Ingrid Bergman: A Feminist Icon” or something like that. However, yesterday, I noticed that it was written “Ingrid Bergman: Power and Feminism”. I swear, I…

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