The 4th Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon Is Here!


Hello friends and enemies! 😉

Are you ready to celebrate Ingrid Bergman? I hope you are because the 4th edition of my Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon has finally arrived, and this, for a three-day duration. With various topics concerning the life and career of the Swedish goddess, this is bound to be an unforgettable event for any of her fans. AND, once again, for a fourth consecutive year, I am not working on the 29 (Ingrid’s birthdate and 36th “death anniversary”), which means a day fully dedicated to the celebrated one. I guess my employers must be reading in my mind. Well, thanks anyway. My tribute to her has already started last week due to me eating a bunch of ice cream. Remember, Ingrid LOVED ice cream. Well, that’s what happens you have your wisdom teeth removed. Now I have to deal with some… damn headaches but, hopefully, reading your article will make me forget these.  Unless maybe you’re writing about Ingrid’s hangover in Notorious. LOL.


All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to read all your great entries for the blogathon. Ingrid was the most talented actress ever (in my humble opinion) and she surely deserves all these honours!

Remember, the blogathon starts today on August 27, 2018, and will take an end on August 29, 2018, which marks Ingrid’s 103rd birthday and 36th death anniversary. To submit your entry, please comment on this post and provide me the URL to your article. You can also send it to me via email If you are on Twitter and could give me your Twitter handle, that would be great!


Of course, don’t forget to spread the word and share the event on various social media!


Introducing the lovely entries…

Maddy from, Maddy Loves Her Classic Films takes us to a historical journey by exploring the case of Anastasia or, more precisely, Ingrid Bergman’s second Oscar-winning role.



Brittaney or, The Story Enthusiast explored Ingrid Bergman: Remembered, a documentary that has a lot to tell us about Ingrid Bergman’s life.



Dan from The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog wrote this great article about For Whom the Bell Tolls, which features the beautiful on-screen duo formed by Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper.



The always honest Andrew from The Stop Button gives us the pros and cons of Autumn Sonata, Ingrid Bergman’s last Swedish film.



Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In wrote about one of Ingrid’s rare comedy: Cactus Flower and he does make me want to watch this delightful film again and again!



Thoughts All Sorts discusses the iconic Notorious, which features a “perfect” Ingrid Bergman!

Poster - Notorious_05

I, over at Three Enchanting Ladies, explain you why Ingrid Bergman could be considered a feminist icon.


Gill from Realweegimidget Reviews wrote about Indiscreet, another film pairing Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, and she gives us all the great reasons to see it!

Poster - Indiscreet (1958)_06.jpg

Leatícia from Crítica Retrô tells us all about the documentary Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words. Our final words after this great read: what a woman!


Samantha from Musings of a Classic Film Addict presents us A Woman’s Face, one of Ingrid’s early Swedish roles and one of her very best performances!


Rebecca from Taking Up Room tells us all about Casablanca, Ingrid’s most well-known film.


Terence from A Shroud of Thoughts wrote this wonderfully informative text about Spellbound, the first film Ingrid Bergman made under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock!


Erin from Cinematic Scribblings gives us her reflections on Stromboli, a film that marked Ingrid Bergman’s exile in Italy.


Robin from Pop Culture Reverie tells us her honest and relevant thoughts on The Bells of St. Mary’s

Poster - Bells of St. Mary's, The_10

Amanda from Old Hollywood Films concludes things with a highly informative piece on Joan of Arc (1948), a role Ingrid was born to play.


Many many thanks to all the participants. Without your contribution, this event couldn’t have happened.

Viva Ingrid!


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