The 5th Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon Is Here!

Here we are, folks! After a year break, my Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon is finally back! As you know, I was not able to host it last year as I was in Stockholm (Ingrid’s hometown!) and was actually too busy visiting the city. And it’s weird to think that this was already a year ago! Anyway, we are back in force today, not only for the 5th edition of this blogathon (already!) but also to celebrate what would have been Ingrid’s 105th birthday! Sadly, August 29, 2020, also marks the 38th year since her passing in 1982.

As usual, August 29 will be, for me, entirely dedicated to my favourite actress. So, I plan on eating ice cream. And watch some of her films and just, overall, made the best out of this day! After all 105 is a special and beautiful number!

Ingrid Bergman was a fantastic woman and a fantastic actress, so she certainly deserves these honours. Consequently, I am very grateful to those who are taking part in this event. Not only because it allows it to exist (!) but also because it helps to keep the memory of this Swedish legend alive!

Remember, the blogathon starts today, August 27, 2020, and will take an end on Ingrid’s birthday, August 29, 2020. Once your entry is ready, please submit it here or via email at I will accept late entries because schedule conflicts do happen but try not to be too late. 😉


I now invite you to check the following lovely entries and leave a comment to encourage their writers! Once again, many thanks to the contributors!

Gill at Real Weegie Midget Reviews discusses The Hideways (also known as From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler), a little hidden gem that seems to be a perfect form of escapism!

I, on my companion blogs, Three Enchanting Ladies wrote about the time Ingrid and British comic legend Kenneth Williams worked on stage together, a moment I would have liked to witness!

Patty over at Caftan Woman wrote about Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman reunion in the romantic comedy Indiscreet. An actor team that has charmed more than one!

Nadine at Here’s Booking At You, Kid reflects on the underrated Goodbye Again, and proves well the relevance of this film!

Andrew at The Stop Button reviewed Hitchcock’s masterpiece Notorious, which certainly include one of Ingrid’s very best performances!

Kristen from KN Winiarski Writes shares her thought on Gaslight, a must-see for any Ingrid Bergman fans!

Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman reunited in Arch of Triumph which was reviewed by Eric from Diary of a Movie Maniac for the blogathon. A more underrated film!

Emily from The Flapper Dame contributes to this event with a review of Ingrid Bergman’s first American film: Intermezzo!

Sally from 18 Cinema Lane discusses the qualities and flaws of one of Ingrid’s lesser-known films: A Matter of Time!

Rich from Wide Screen World discusses one of the six collaboration between Ingrid Bergman and Italian movie director Roberto Rossellini: Europa ’51!

If you want to see Ingrid’s amazing dance moves, watch Cactus Flower! This hilarious comedy was reviewed by Kayla from Whimsically Classic!

J-Dub over at Dubsism discusses the hidden sport analogies in Ingrid’s last film, A Woman Called Golda, which probably presents one of her very best performances!

Erica from the blog Poppity Talks Classic Film discusses one of Ingrid’s finest Swedish films, A Woman’s Face, and compares it with its American remake which starred Joan Crawford!

Here we have another great piece on Cactus Flower, this time written by Letícia from Crítica Retrô! She makes some interesting comparision with other Bergman films!

Jess at Box Office Poison explores one of Ingrid’s most famous film: the iconic Casablanca!

Rebecca from Taking Up Room shares her thought on the mystery film Murder On the Orient Express for which Ingrid won her third Oscar!

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society visits the little-known but worth watching Rage in Heaven!

Gabriela from Pale Writer discusses Ingrid’s second Oscar-winning role, Anastasia!

More to come!


Many thanks, once again, to all those who were able to participate in this event and make it possible. I’m sure Ingrid would have been honoured!

Happy heavenly birthday to this incredible lady!


30 thoughts on “The 5th Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon Is Here!

  1. Dear Virginie,

    Hello! I bet you wondered what happened to me. Well, I got really delayed with my posts and other writing commitments, so I wasn’t able to write my review of “Rage in Heaven” on time. However, I have completed it now. Here it is: I hope I can still participate, although late. Thank you for hosting!

    By the way, I would like to invite you to join our upcoming blogathon, the Joe Pasternak Blogathon: I think it will be a lot of fun! We could really use your talent in it, so I hope you’re available!

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan

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