A Golden Weekend for the 2nd Golden Boy Blogathon!

Hey everybody!

So, after two months of waiting patiently for this event, the 2nd Golden Boy Blogathon: A William Holden Celebration is finally here!

It is, of course, my honour to host this event for the second year as I, like many of you I’m sure, am always willing to celebrate the wonderful actor that William Holden was.

The event start today and will end on April 17 , 2017 on Bill’s birthday. Please submit your entry within those dates by commenting on this post or via email at virginie.pronovost@gmail.com, or Twitter@Ginnie_SP, or by messaging our Facebook page.

Your entry will be included to the roster as you submit it.

If you have a Twitter account, please include your Twitter handle in your submission. That would be great as it will help me to promote your entry!

To the readers (and bloggers) make sure to read all the wonderful entries that were written by these participants of quality. There is a lot of efforts put in our William Holden celebration!


The Holdener’s entries


A big thanks to all the participants. I’m sure William Holden would have been honoured by this collective tribute!

Happy heavenly birthday dear Golden Boy! ❤

40 thoughts on “A Golden Weekend for the 2nd Golden Boy Blogathon!

      • Hey Kayla, I seem to have some problem with wordpress and I don’t see if my comments are published or not :/ But just in case it hasn’t, here is what I wrote on your article for the golden boy blogathon 🙂 “Awesome detailed review! You gave us some great informations about the film through it. I must admit I still have to see it, and I will asap! Plus I love Cliff Robertson too. That dance scene is pretty famous. Actually, that might be THE scene of the film I’ve already seen. Thanks so much for your participation to the blogathon!
        Ps: I love Lee J. Cobb in Golden Boy hahaha 😉 “


    • Thanks so much Emily! I will include it to the roster. Btw, I might not read it right now as I need to finish a long term paper (!) but I will asap! I will continue to promote the articles tomorrow. 🙂 (Well, today since it’s past midnight). Thanks for your participation!


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