Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary!


Hold it! Stop everything you’re doing everybody because The Wonderful World of Cinema is 4 years old today! Still quite young but, for a blog, it’s quite an achievement. As a matter of fact, I feel it has been much longer! I was quite amazed when I received that notification from WordPress congratulating me for the four years I spent using their platform to express my love for classic films. Just to think that next year we’ll celebrate its fifth anniversary!

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We’ve come a long way. If I were cheesy. if I’ll say “with a lot of ups and downs”. As a matter of fact, it’s not true. I cannot really think of any bad experience concerning my blog,  except maybe a few spams and trolls here and there. They are buried and forgotten. Or people who comment the link one of my articles on social media without even reading the actual article. But that’s another story… No, overall, my blogging experience is a fantastic one!

We have more and more subscribers, my articles are more and more read, the blog was listed in the Top 30 Classic Movie Blogs, News Websites & Newsletters in 2018 by Feedspot Reader, my article on TV show Les Filles de Caleb was shared on Twitter by the main actress from the series, etc. Also, recently, my article on Ingrid Bergman as a feminist icon was translated in Portuguese for the website Cine Suffragette! However, it was originally written on my second blog, Three Enchanting Ladies. Anyway, things are doing fine for me.


I’m quite proud of my blog and I surely feel it has improved a lot over the years. And I’m a very humble person. It’s still not perfect, but as I was reading old articles (and correcting them again), I could really see a positive evolution. I think the article I was the proudest of this year was the one about ageism and classic films. It was not your typical movie review but really just me sharing my thoughts about a problem. I wrote this article very spontaneously  and it had an unexpectedly good and important feedback, not only here, but also on social medias. An agreeable surprise!

I said in another article that I needed to give you explanations on why I skipped so many blogathons recently. Well, it’s quite simple. I’m working on a screenplay and I’m also considering to go study abroad for my master. So, my mind is quite busy! I finished my bachelor degree last June (Bachelor in Fine Arts: Specialization Film Studies with Distinction) and now I’m taking a year off. I work a lot at the movie theatre so, obviously, I have less time for myself than I used to. Therefore, I sometimes have to make a choice: write for my blog or for my screenplay.


Finally, as some of you might know it, I’ll be finally attending the TCM Film Festival next April! I can wait to meet other fellow bloggers there!


Without any further ado, I simply want to thanks all of you who read and support The Wonderful World of Cinema!

See you!

Make sure not to miss my tribute to Dolores Hart!



10 thoughts on “Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary!

  1. ‘Or people who comment the link one of my articles on social media without even reading the actual article’ SO TRUE!!!! OMG!

    Anyway, happy bloggaversary!!! You know I love your blog! Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Carol!! 😀 Yes, I kind of started doing disclaimers for those. I mean, it’s annoying when you post an article about Grace Kelly for example and people, because they see a photo of her with the link, comment something like : “She was so beautiful” EUH I ALREADY KNOW THAT. I seriously want to slap them in the face hahah.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, same. It’s like when you post a photo because it’s someone’s birthday and it gets a lot more views and comments than when you post an article, which is obviously the point of my blog FB page.

        Liked by 1 person

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