The 4 Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon: Day 2


Today, the beautiful (and talented!) actress who became a princess would have been 89 years old. Oh dear, to think that without this tragic accident she could still have been with us… As we know, for the occasion, I’m hosting the 4th edition of the Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon. This year, I was joined by the incredible Emily from The Flapper Dame, another huge Grace Kelly fan. Honestly, the last few days have been quite crazy so, honestly, I don’t know how I would have managed without her! If Emily was covering day 1, I’m covering day 2 today. I’ve enjoyed immensely the articles written for day one and I’m looking forward to reading the next ones!


As you submit your entry, I’ll try as fast as I can to add it here. Warning: I’m working from 3 pm to 9:3 0pm today, so if you don’t hear from me during these hours, don’t worry!

But now let’s read the lovely entries!


Tynan from 4 Star Films covered Grace Kelly’s Oscar-winning role in a thoughtful article on The Country Girl.


The second review of High Society was written by Maddy from Maddy Loves Her Classic Films. A lovely and clever article!


On her blog dedicated to Grace Kelly, Doses of Grace, Talita tells us about the on-screen collaborations between her favourite actress (Grace!) and her favourite actor, William Holden!


For my own contribution to the blogathon, I conducted a special survey among Grace Kelly’s fans via my blog Three Enchanting Ladies to know more about their admiration for her. Hope you’ll enjoy reading their answers as much as did!


My co-host Emily over at The Flapper Dame discusses Grace’s most iconic role, Rear Window, and tells us what’s so great about this film!


With an excellent article, dbmoviesblog tells us about Grace Kelly’s first collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder.


Letícia from Crítica Retrô explores Grace Kelly’s wedding as seen through various magazine and newspapers article published at the time. A fun read!


Christine from Overture Books and Films tells us about Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra’s lovely and often overlooked friendship.


Rebecca at Taking Up Room takes a trip to Africa with her great review of Mogambo!

More to come!


I invite you to check the entries for day one as well. Just here.

I’m glad to say this blogathon has been quite a success! Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s the edition where we had the highest level of participation! Honestly, I was surprised! So, thanks a lot to all of you for your participation. Without you, we wouldn’t have a blogathon! And of course, thanks again to my co-hostess Emily!

Grace Kelly is not here with us anymore, but I’m sure she would have been honoured by all these tributes to her life and career.

Happy heavenly birthday little flower!


14 thoughts on “The 4 Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon: Day 2

  1. Ginnie- Im so thrilled I was able to be the co-hostess this year- I was fun- Now I just have to finish up my own post- haha! and read the others! Grace will be 90 next year- hard to believe- but she would have been the most glamorous 90 year old lady ever!!!

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