Announcement: The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon


It’s not without any reasons that Ingrid Bergman is on this year’s Cannes Festival’s official poster. That’s because, on August 29th, 2015, we’ll celebrate her 100th birthday. Of course, Ingrid Bergman is, unfortunately, no longer with us, but that’s not a reason not to celebrate her. For the occasion, I’ve decided to host my very first blogathon: The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon. So, that’s a new step for me as a blogger. Ingrid Bergman is my personal third favourite actress but she’s also, to me, the most talented of them all. She was also a fascinating lady. Of course, this is my personal opinion. I’m sure many of you like her too, so I’m hoping for a high level of participation! The event will take place from August 27th to August 29th, 2015.

Rules for the blogathon:

The rules for this blogathon are quite simple.

1- Pick a subject. You can write about a movie starring Ingrid Bergman or any other subjects about her. If you decide to write about a movie, I will allow duplicates but I don’t want more than two bloggers to write about the same movie. However, try as much as possible to pick a movie that has not already been picked. Diversity is much more interesting.

2- When you have your subject, you can submit it by commenting on this post or you can send me a personal e-mail at Don’t forget to include the name of your blog and the URL.

3- Once you have my approval, I invite you to make your own announcement on your blog or to re-blog this. I also invite you to include one of my banners on your blog. Those are very simple, I’m not really an artist…

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If you have any questions about the blogathon, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are the participating blogs and their subject for the blogathon:

Once Upon a ScreenNotorious

The Wonderful World of Cinema Personal Tribute to Ingrid Bergman

Le Mot du CinephiliaqueUnder Capricorn and Elena and Her Men

The Movie RatAutumn Sonata

Criterion BluesStromboli

Outspoken and Freckled Murder on the Orient Express

Moon in GeminiA Woman’s Face


Now VoyagingIntermezzo (1939)

A Shroud of ThoughtsGaslight 

The Hitless Wonder Movie BlogJune Nights

Love Letters to Old Hollywood Notorious

BNoirDetour  Gaslight

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Ingrid Bergman’s Life Story

The Stop Button Anastasia

Girls Do FilmFrom Whom the Bell Tolls

Wolffian Classics Movies DigestSpellbound

Smitten Kitten VintageCasablanca

Old Hollywood FilmsThe Bells of St.Mary’s

Critica RetrôJoan of Arc

The Cinematic FrontierJourney to Italy

Flickin’ Out The Working Relationship Between Ingrid and Hitchcock

CineMaven’s: Essays from the CouchDr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Silver ScreeningsSpellbound

Pop Culture ReverieMurder on the Orient Express

Cinephilia – The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Back to Golden Days – Saratoga Trunk 

Sister CelluloidIngrid Bergman and Cary Grant’s long a glorious friendship

Movies SilentlyWalpurgis Night

Classic Movie HubCactus Flower

Pure Golden Ingrid Bergman’s Early Career (1932-1942)

Regular Pop Rage in Heaven

356 Days 365 Classics – Casablanca and Autumn Sonata

Tam MayUnder Capricorn

Karin Mustvedt-Plüss (Guest Blogger at CineMaven’s: Essays from the Couch) – Ingrid the Scandinavian 

The Classic Movie LifeGoodbye Again

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies– Happy 100th Birthday Ingrid Bergman

Defiant Success Stromboli

Asterisk DCThe Visit

One Gal’s Musings Ingrid Bergman’s Collaborations with Edith Head 

I can’t wait to celebrate Ingrid Bergman with you! 🙂

110 thoughts on “Announcement: The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon

  1. Aurora beat me to it, again! I’ll take Murder On The Orient Express, please! (Her craft is better highlighted in Gaslight so that’s my #2 pick if MOTOE is taken, but I’m in the mood for some railway murder mystery..,)

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  2. I would love to do Notorious! My blog is Love Letters to Old Hollywood ( Great idea for a blogathon, and congrats on doing your first one!

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  3. Hey, Virginie! I took a long time to decide which film I want to cover, and I finally decided: Joan of Arc! It’s surprising nobody has picked it so far.
    Le from Critica Retro

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  4. This is so exciting! If it’s not too late, I’d love to contribute by writing about the working relationship between Ingrid and Hitchcock.

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  5. Hi Virginie:)
    I am a big Ingrid Bergman fan:)
    So,I really want to thank you for doing this blogathon.I wanted to do on”The Bells of St.Mary’s” but I see that Amanda is doing it.
    I have to think of another one.I know you are allowing duplicates but it’s better not to repeat.

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  6. Hey this is so wonderful! I would like to participate too. Can I write on her two films, Casablanca and Autumn Sonata, as a sort of maturing of an already good wine? She was already excellent even in her earlier movies but then she was something else in Autumn Sonata.

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  7. Hello! I just saw this and started blogging a month or so ago. Every Friday I blog about classic films so I would love to participate in the blogathon. I’d like to do Under Capricorn. So far I’ve seen one person doing this and you said you would allow duplicates but not for more than two people. So is it OK if I take this film? I’ll probably be emailing you for more details, as this is my first blogathon that I’ve done and I want to make sure I do it right :-). Tam

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    • Virginie, I saw you liked my comment, so thank you for that. But I’m still not sure that I can do Under Capricorn for the blogathon. Can you please confirm that so that here so that I can make sure to schedule it? I write so many blog posts that I don’t want to forget it :-).

      Thank you!


  8. Hi!
    I’ve got a brand new blog so I’m signing up for a bunch of blogathons to make sure I have an incentive to write!
    This one looks great, and I would love to write about Goodbye Again, Ingrid’s film with Anthony Perkins.


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  9. I just discovered this announcement and would love, LOVE to participate. I would like to write about three of Ingrid’s collaborations with Edith Head: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Bells of St. Mary’s, Notorious. I realize you’ve already got two Notorious (Notoreii?), but I’m limiting my post to the clothes, and I learned from Edith’s biography that she felt those three films followed a logical procession in establishing Ingrid’s onscreen persona.

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