Announcing The Marathon Stars Blogathon!

The Wonderful World of Cinema and In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood are proud to present their first collaboration: The Marathon Stars Blogathon! This event will be the occasion for you to explore the body of work of an actor or an actress from whom you haven’t seen many films (or none), but that you’re curious to discover.

But how will this event take place?

These rules will guide you:

1- Choose a movie star (actor or actress) from whom you haven’t seen many films (a maximum of three). You can pick a  “modern” star, but she should have started her career in the year 2000 or before. It can also be all a type of actors/actresses. Character actors are welcomed.

2- No duplicates. There are many movie stars.

3- You’re free to write about more than one star if that is your wish.

4- In your submission, please write your choice, the name of your blog, and your blog URL.

5- From the moment your choice is confirmed, start watching movies starring this chosen star. Of course, it has to be films that you haven’t seen yet, and you should watch a minimum of five (don’t worry, you’ll have time). The idea, of course, is to do a little (or big) movie marathon! You”ll have until the blogathon days to do so. We suggest you subscribe as soon as possible.

6- Also, once your submission is confirmed, choose one of those beautiful banners created by me and Crystal and include it on your blog to promote the event.





banner 3

7- The Blogathon will take place from March 10 to March 12, 2016. On those days, tell us about your discoveries. We mostly want you to concentrate on the actor or actress’ performances in each movie.

6- To help you, here is an example from a past marathon feedback done by The Wonderful World of Cinema (me). Of course, your post doesn’t have to take this form. It’s just an example:

Dolores Hart’s Films Marathon

7- Invite your other friend bloggers to participate, and enjoy! If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact me at the following e-mail address:


Here is the roster with the Blog names and their choice(s):

The Wonderful World of Cinema Claire Trevor

Cinema CrossroadsWilliam Holden

BNoirDetourLinda Darnell

Back to Golden DaysRonald Reagan 

Smitten Kitten VintageGloria Swanson

Defiant SuccessTyrone Power

Classic Reel Girl – George Murphy

In the Good Old Days Of Classc HollywoodJean Harlow

Wolffian Classics Movies DigestGreta Garbo

The Old Hollywood GardenSterling Hayden

Old Hollywood Films Mary Pickford 

Critica RetrôMarion Davies

Mother Time Musings Susan Hayward

The Flapper DameJoel McCrea

Girls Do FilmCarole Lombard

Random PicturesBarbara Stanwyck

The Midnite Drive-InBogart Bacall 

Movie ClassicsHedy Lamarr

Cinema Cities Denzel Washington

Flickin’ OutMary Astor

Dream Factory 17Jessica Lange

Century Film ProjectGilbert “Broncho Billy” Anderson

Phyllis Love Classic MoviesVivien Leigh

To see the In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood‘s version of the announcement, please click on the following link:

Announcing the Marathon Stars Blogathon

We hope you’ll all make amazing discoveries!

54 thoughts on “Announcing The Marathon Stars Blogathon!

  1. Here’s a question. You say you want a minimum of five movies. Believe it or not, I have never watched any of the Bogart-Bacall movies. But they only made 4 together. So would that work or do I need to look for something else?

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  2. Hi, great idea for a blogathon. Could I do Hedy Lamarr? So far I’ve only seen her in Algiers and Come Live with Me.

    My blog is Movie Classics –

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  3. Hi Virginie!

    After going through several actors thinking I had only seen 3 of their films and then realizing I had forgotten some (if only you had done this last year lol) I finally decided on Vivien Leigh as I’ve only seen her in “Waterloo Bridge.” I need something to make me watch “Gone with the Wind”!!!!

    Also, check out the costume awards I’m holding at my blog all month!

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  4. Nice idea! I will be devoting the month of March to Mary Pickford on my blog, so I won’t be able to take part (she’s been claimed), but I’ll be interested in seeing what other stars everyone recommends!


  5. […] So, there we have it, a binge-watch of the first major Western star. Even over this short time, I could see development from the relatively simple Western plots of the first two films towards movies that emphasize character growth and moral consequences. Many of the movies include some deliberate comedy relief, to lighten tensions, although of course none is quite so funny as Charlie Chaplin’s brief appearance in “His Regeneration.” After 1916, when Chaplin left the Essanay company to seek more money and greater control over his work, the Essanay company rapidly declined and Anderson returned to the stage for a time before becoming (mostly) a character actor in Westerns with new stars. I hope later this year to get hold of some of the work of William S. Hart, the man who largely replaced Anderson as the number one Western star in America, but for now, you can check out the other posts in the Marathon Stars Blogathon! […]


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