Announcement: The Golden Boy Blogathon!


One of the best cinematic discoveries I made through this blog is a wonderful actor (with the most irresistible smile ever) named William Holden. Last year, I did a marathon and watched a ton of his films. I have now seen 22 of his films!

I can’t believe that, a few years ago, I didn’t care for him! He now has the silver medal and belong to the second place in my personal top list of favourite actors.

Because this handsome man was such a great and appreciated actor, and because I absolutely adore him, I couldn’t resist creating a blogathon in his honour. “Another Blogathon Virginie?” Yes, another one! They are so much fun to host and that’s one of the best ways to celebrate our love of films and movie stars. I hope many of you will participate! 🙂

The event will take place from April 15 until April 17 (on Bill’s 98th birthday), 2016. Of course, if you want to participate, there are some friendly rules to respect:

1- Choose your subject. It can be anything related to William Holden. If you decided to review a film, I’d ask you to respect a no duplicates rule. If you choose a subject that seems too similar to another one, I might ask you to change it. William Holden is a man of great diversity! 😉 And, yes, you can write two entries.

2- You can submit your subject by commenting on this post or via Twitter (@Ginnie_SP), or you can send me a mail at, or you can always visit my Facebook page The Wonderful World of Cinema. For your submission, give me your subject, the name of your blog, and the URL.

2- Once your choice is confirmed, promote the blogathon! I’ve created some banners that you can use on your blog to spread the world. Ask your friends to join, share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.! Even if you can’t participate, you can help us promote it! I’d be very grateful. If you use twitter, you can use this hashtag: #goldenboyblogathon

banner 4

banner 5

banner 6

banner 3

banne 2

3- I won’t give you any specific day to publish your entry. As long as you publish it on April 15, 16 or 17, 2016, that’s fine for me.

4- On April 15, I will publish a new post where you will submit your entry. You can also send them to me via twitter, email, etc.

5- Of course, have fun! And don’t hesitate to ask questions! 🙂

Here are the blog’s names with their subject:

The Wonderful World of CinemaWilliam Holden Tribute

Ramblings of a CinephileSunset Boulevard

Defiant Success William Holden’s Oscar Nominations

A Shroud of ThoughtsNetwork

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Simoa Writes – The Bridge on the River Kwai

Moon in GeminiI Love Lucy

The Flapper Dame Sabrina

The Cinematic Frontier The Wild Bunch

Pop Culture PunditPicnic

Back to Golden Days Stalag 17

Cinema Cities Born Yesterday

Wolffian Classics Movies DigestGolden Boy

Pop Culture ReverieTexas

Old Hollywood FilmsThe Bridges at Toko-Ri

Critica RetroForever Female

Flickin’ OutWilliam Holden’s Final Years

Crimson Kimono Holden in the Orient

Serendipitous Anachronism Damien: Omen II 

LA ExplorerUnion Station

Thoughts All SortsThe Revengers

Movie ClassicsOur Town

Silver ScenesDear Ruth 

The Girl with the White Parasol The Counterfeit Traitor

Cinema CrossroadsThe Moon is Blue

Flickers in Time The Proud and the Profane Classic Movies/TV/Celebrities Apartment for Peggy

DavidAConrad.comThe Key

CineMaven’s Essays from the CouchMeet the Stewarts


Let’s make William Holden proud of us! 😀



92 thoughts on “Announcement: The Golden Boy Blogathon!

  1. If you can use something I’ve already written I have a review of Love Is a Many Splendored Thing I could contribute. Otherwise, I have The Proud and the Profane coming up for 1956 that I could post during the days of the blogathon.

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  2. Hi, Virginie! I’m sorry to do this last minute, but I’m going to have to bow out. I have a mountain of schoolwork to do for the end of the semester along with my job, so I just don’t have the time to finish my post for your blogathon, especially to do the review of Paris When It Sizzles the way I wanted to. I’ll still read all the other wonderful entries as soon as I can, though! Désolée!

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  3. Hi Virginie. Would it be ok if I back out of the blogathon? I really don’t know what to write about as the films that I would of chose are taken. I also have two assignments to do for my Diploma in Journalism this weekend and even if I wrote about his life, my mind would be constantly focusing on the assignment. In addition to that I’m required to write articles for the website this weekend too as I found out today. I’m sorry as I would like to participate, but my mind is very preoccupied with these other things. I’ll make up for it with the Ingrid Bergman blogathon and I’ll do three entries for that. I feel bad having to just bow out like that.


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